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BassPlayer 2017-03

BassPlayer 2017-03


BASS NOTES LINK FACE TECH PLAY LEARN B Mark Dresser BP RECOMMENDS Alessandro D'amico Josef Woodard and Charlie Haden Conversations With Charlie Haden [Silman-James Press] Charlie Haden was an extraordinary musician, and he had an extraordinary life. His performing career began at the age of two, when he sang what he called “hillbilly music” with his family’s band on their Missouri radio show. As a teenager, he began to play bass and listen intently to jazz; when he was 18, he moved to Los Angeles to study music. The rest, as they say, is history: groundbreaking work with Ornette Coleman, founding the Liberation Music Orchestra, collaborations with dozens of musicians in many styles, leadership of Quartet West, the tribute to his musical roots on the 2008 album Rambling Boy, and—above all—a lifelong dedication to honesty, social justice, and “beautiful music.” It’s all here in this collection of 17 interviews conducted over 20 years by veteran jazz journalist Josef Woodard, who calls it a “verbal companion to the sublime musical sounds Charlie created.” —Jim Roberts Mark Dresser Seven Sedimental You [Clean Feed] This display of skill in the service of imagination, brimming with humor and emotion, is a crowning achievement for veteran New York upright bassist/U.C. San Diego professor Mark Dresser. On these seven tunes, Dresser’s distinctive parts—alongside flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, piano, and drums—are supportive but nimble, and his writing pulls special performances from a septet of badasses. Moods range from lyrical and evocative (“Will Well” and “Two Handfuls of Peace”) to gorgeous and colorful, sometimes at the same time, as in the title track. This one’s for those who wonder whether there’s still enthusiasm and fresh perspectives in jazz. —E.E. Bradman Puscifer Money Shot Your Re-Load [] While fans are still awaiting the new Tool album, Maynard James Keenan has remained prolific with his other outfit, Puscifer, releasing a remix album to his latest record, Money Shot. While Mat Mitchell’s menacing lines can be heard all over the album—along with a stellar contribution from Matt McJunkins—the standout track comes from Tool bassist Justin Chancellor’s remix of “Simultaneous.” Chancellor’s legendary tone and intricate playing steals the show, giving Tool fans something to whet their palettes with. —Jon D’Auria Obake Draug [Rare Noise] On this slab of heavy sludge, Colin Edwin— perhaps best known for his stellar work in Porcupine Tree—keeps the rumble of downtuned guitars grounded, peeking through the state-of-the-art fuzz on tunes like “Hellfaced.” Other standouts: his big and full sound on the title track, his clean and authoritative take on “Cloud of Liars,” and his huge tone on “Immutable.” —E.E. Bradman 20 / march2017

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