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BassPlayer 2017-03

BassPlayer 2017-03


BASS NOTES LINK FACE TECH PLAY LEARN B sylvia Massy (with Chris Johnson) Recording Unhinged: Creative & Unconventional Music Recording Techniques [Hal Leonard] Acclaimed producer/engineer Sylvia Massey has successfully used her unconventional techniques with folks like Justin Chancellor, Flea, and Tom Araya, so she definitely knows her way around bass. The 240-page Recording Unhinged is aimed at producers, mixers, and engineers, but Massy’s juicy, fun stories make it a blast for anyone interested in studio magic and hijinx, and it’s packed with useful info. The chapter on bass includes great perspectives on instruments, DI’s, microphones, distortion, using guitar amps for bass, as well as a few cameos (such as Lee Sklar on getting big tone). A cool, practical book by someone who’d no doubt lead a helluva recording session. —E.E. Bradman Robert Randolph & the Family Band Got Soul [Dare] It seems that nowadays, Derrick Hodge is all over the music world, performing, writing, recording, and producing with a slew of artists from every genre. It should be no surprise, then, to find him laying down Southern-fried grooves on Got Soul, the latest album by Robert Randolph and the Family Band. On Randolph’s most country-based album yet, Hodge cozies up to the backbeat and powers the music with tight lines and a presence that is tasteful, as always. —Jon D’Auria Rob van den Broek The Gibson Bass Book: An Illustrated Tribute [] As an avid bass player and graphic designer, Rob van den Broek set out to assemble a coffee-table book that would cover the history of Gibson basses from the first EB model in 1953 all the way up to 2015’s ES Les Paul hollowbody. The result is a stunning, comprehensive, chronological look at the stylistic history of an instrument’s legacy that features beautiful photographs, a slick layout, and interesting facts about each model. —Jon D’Auria BP OVER 250,000 ITEMS FROM YOUR FAVORITE BANDS T - SHIRTS HOODIES JACKETS JERSEYS TANK TOPS SWEATERS LONG SLEEVES SHORTS BABYWEAR HATS BEANIES JEWELRY BACKPACKS BAGS POSTERS COLLECTIBLES TOYS FLAGS PATCHES PINS BUTTONS STICKERS WALLETS KEY CHAINS DVDS VINYL AND MORE For a free catalog, visit, call or write:

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