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BassPlayer 2017-04

BassPlayer 2017-04


LINK FACE TECH PLAY LEARN B BASS NOTES i INFO LISTEN Neal Caine, Backstabber’s Ball [2005, Smalls]; Harry Connick Jr., In Concert on Broadway [2011, Sony] TV’S HARRY Neal Caine Daytime Gets Deeper BY JON D'AURIA | PHOTOGRAPH BY HEIDI GUTMAN / NBCUNIVERSAL "HARRY" “WE MOSTLY COMMUNICATE THROUGH A nod or a glance,” says Neal Caine of his special musical camaraderie with multi-hyphenate bandleader Harry Connick Jr. “Harry and I have been playing together so long that we are like an old married couple,” he jokes. These days that bond is on display daily on national television, as Caine grabs the low reins of the mighty band backing Connick’s new afternoon talk show, Harry. A deft doubler with a ridiculous resumé, the 44-year-old bassist has seriously raised the already high bar in the world of TV bass. A St. Louis native, Neal bolted south to New Orleans right out of high school in 1991 and quickly established himself as a premier player on the NOLA circuit, landing EQUIP Basses Lakland Skyline Series; Juzek u upright with Pirastro Chorda gut strings (plain gut G and D, wound gut A and E) Rig Epifani UL501 head with DIST-410 cabinet Effects Tech 21 SansAmp, Electro-Harmonix Micro Synth Bass Pedal 18 / april2017

IT’S ELECTRIC! The one instrument that can keep up with your expanding musical repertoire is the Mitchell FB700 fusion bass, offering more tone-shaping choices for rock, pop, jazz, country — and anything else you want to throw at it. FB700 SERIES • Carved mahogany body with stunning quilt maple top • Five-piece maple/rosewood bolt-on neck with 24 jumbo frets provide incredible playability • Dual MB4 paraffin-dipped alnico V humbuckers offer tons of sonic options • Master volume, pickup blend, and 3-band active EQ • Graph Tech TUSQ XL friction-reducing nut prevents binding and improves tuning stability • Available in 4, 5 and 6-string versions

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