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BassPlayer 2017-04

BassPlayer 2017-04


F WINTER NAMM 2017 Guitar Triller Slap with it, strum with it, tap with it, pluck with it. We had a blast testing out this innovative accessory that allows you to enhance your techniques and add some punch to your playing. There are many ways to utilize this compact little gadget. Street $15 Contact Fodera Monarch P-Classic & Emperor J-Classic Trading exotic wood finishes for more traditional approaches—pickguards and all—Fodera’s new Monarch P-Classic and Emperor J-Classic basses give a boutique feel to timeless designs. Available in an array of wood options and finishes, these passive beauties are serious workhorses. Street $3,950 Contact Gizmotron 2.0 This little electro-mechanical gadget attaches to the body of your bass and allows you to create bowed-string sounds organically, thanks to the small wheels that spin against your strings. While it may seem like a novelty, it has endless creative potential. Street $365 Contact Ibanez Ashula SRAS7 Hybrid Fretted/ Fretless 7-string Ibanez really put everything into its new Ashula bass. With an ADGEADG tuning and purpleheart fretted and rosewood fretless split fingerboard, this 7-string beast turned a lot of heads, and for good reason. Street $1,300 Contact J Ferro Kilian Duarte KD-5ES Signature Bass Bass newcomer J Ferro was on display in full force, where it impressed with its large family of basses, including the Kilian Duarte Signature series. As an extension of J Ferro’s Escalon series, this 5-string has a mahogany body, solid flame-maple top, and a five-piece neck. Street $1,000 Contact Kiesel Multiscale Vanquish VM49K Bass The VM49K Vanquish is Kiesel’s first attempt at crafting a multiscale bass, and they knocked it out of the park. Beautifully balanced, with an alder body and ebony fingerboard, the VM49K is a comfortable bass to play with great tonal range. Street $1,350 Contact 38 / april2017

Hartke HD500 Combo Hartke’s newest combo amp pairs two of the company’s revolutionary 10" HyDrive speakers with a 500-watt Class D amp in an enclosure that weights only 35 pounds. Perfect for the stage or studio, the HD500 is a great deal that won’t break your bank. Street $600 Contact Moollon Classic ’57 P-Bass Young Joon Park of Moollon has done it again with his latest bass built for Tim Lefebvre. This Classic P is a tribute to the Fender ’57 Precision Bass that nails every detail and nuance, even 60 years later. Street $2,490 Contact Markbass Ninja 102-250 Combo If Richard Bona has a hand in a product, we’re bound to take notice of it, and his Markbass signature combo is no exception. This slim 2x10, 250-watt amp has booming sound that could be clearly heard even in the Convention Center hall. Street €670 (about $710) Contact Mayones Hadrien Feraud 5 Signature Bass With a spruce top, swamp-ash body, and antique brown finish, Mayones’ Hadrien Feraud Signature was one of the sharpestlooking basses at the show. Hearing Feraud himself test out its rich tone and dynamic range was the icing on the cake. Street $3,450 Contact MTD Bubby Lewis Super5 Signature With a slick black matte finish, maple body and neck, and a toasted-maple bird’s-eye fingerboard, MTD’s Bubby Lewis Super5 Signature is a unique work of art. And with 19mm string spacing, it has a feel all of its own. Street TBA Contact / april2017 39

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