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BassPlayer 2017-04

BassPlayer 2017-04


SOUNDROOM LINK FACE TECH PLAY LEARN S MXR M287 Sub Octave Bass Fuzz BY JONATHAN HERRERA | BASS EFFECTS ARE MORE IN VOGUE now than they’ve ever been. Partially this is due to the increasing influence of pop, hiphop, and dance music. As genres that embrace synths dominate the charts, the electronically derived sounds that define them are increasingly trendy. I think the Internet, globalism, and desktop manufacturing are responsible, too. Never before has it been so easy to get detailed effect schematics, solicit advice from experts in online forums, and order cheap parts from factories all over the world. Just as with basses, a player looking for a new stompbox has a range of big-time manufacturers and boutique builders to choose from. MXR is one of those big-time manufacturers, with a rich heritage spanning decades, but over the last several years it’s released an onslaught of pedals that ooze all the vibe and tone of a top-dollar boutique brand. The company has some great bass players in key positions, Continues on page 49 SPECS MXR S SPECIFICATIONS Sub Octave Bass Fuzz Street $200 Pros Smooth and buttery octave down; versatile fuzz; skillful construction; insightful design Cons Battery door isn’t flush with the base, making pedalboard mounting a bit tricky Bottom Line A cleverly designed one-stop shop for two of the most useful effects. Input q" Output q" Power 9V tip-negative Boss-style power adapter; 9-volt battery Made in USA Contact 46 / april2017

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