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BassPlayer 2017-04

BassPlayer 2017-04

Darkulass Electronics

Darkulass Electronics 'IJ-awt ftijüm, CUVi tp.aJt„ FOLLOW US 0 0 0 Ci NTRODUCING M C R 0 T U B E S 9 0 0 ti PUT L O W M 1 Os is_."• TWEAK. ADA PT. OVERCOME. The world needs inspired artists to be heard more than ever. Adaptable Power 900W @ 2 or LiO for Big Stages. 500W @ Li0/350W @ 80 for 1 ntimate Venues. Unparalleled flexlbllity Dual Microtubes Engine built in. Clean Channel with Li Band EQ. and 3-way switches for both mid controls. DARKGLASS.COM/CREATIONS

J48Stereo" active 01 Twins the performance of the world's finest phantom powered DI in a compact, easy to manage stereo design. JDI Stereo 11111r passive 01 ~~ Two channels of the world's finest passive DI in one compact package!Jensen'" transformers deliver absolute purity at any signal level. PZ-DI variable load 01 Piezo pickup optimized DI for acoustic & orchestral instruments. Produces wide FREQ response for more natural tone. Passive DI for tablet or PC with instant access front panel level control. Linear reponse from 20Hz to 20kHz. RCA, W' and 3.Smm connectors. BT-Pro Bluetooth" 01 Professional Bluetooth receiver with balanced XLR audio outputs and headphone output for easy monitoring. USB powered, transformer isolated. JDX-48" reactive amplifier 01 48Vphantom powered active DI captures the soundof the amp and cabinet perfectly and consistently. Great on bass too. USB-Pro" stereo USB 01 24bit/96kHz digital audio converters with transformer isolated outputs and powerful built-in headphone amp. StageBug SB-5 compact stereo 01 Super compact passive direct box with a built-in cable ready to plug into a laptop, tablet or media player.

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