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BassPlayer 2017-05

BassPlayer 2017-05


LINK FACE TECH PLAY LEARN B BASS NOTES i INFO Brandi Disterheft Deep Blue BY RICK SUCHOW | “MY CONCEPT CHANGES EVERY FEW months,” says New York jazzer Brandi Disterheft on how she gets her big upright sound. “Sometimes I’m craving gut strings, other times low-action metal strings with a growly sustain. Sometimes the music calls for a hard-hitting aggressive attack, and other times, the opposite.” She brings the same varied approach to her recordings as well, most recently Blue Canvas, Brandi’s fourth solo release in eight years. The album mixes obscure standards and creative originals, uptempo swing and moody ballads, instrumental improvs and lyrical vocals that highlight Brandi’s smoky, ethereal voice. The North Vancouver native found her musical footing early in life, soaking up the jazz keyboards played by her mother and observing the necessary disciplines that go along with the craft. Brandi followed suit and studied piano at the Royal Conservatory at age five, eventually switching to upright at 13 and later receiving a B.A. in jazz performance from Toronto’s Humber College. Pursuing classical bass, as well, she was hired for LISTEN EQUIP Brandi Disterheft, Blue Canvas [2016, Justin Time], Gratitude [2012, Justin Time]; Oliver Jones & Hank Jones, Pleased to Meet You [2009, Justin Time] Basses 1920s Pfretzschner carved e upright; Yamaha Silent Bass; David Gage Czech-Ease upright; 1981 fretless Fender Precision Amps Acoustic Image Coda; Phil Jones Double Four Micro Strings Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore medium gauge; Velvet Garbo gut Other David Gage Realist pickup; DPA d:vote 4099B Bass Mic 14 / may2017

IT’S ELECTRIC! Electrify your audience with the new Mitchell TB500 traditional bass, designed with a time-honored look and feel, and augmented with premium components for unparalleled versatility. TB500 SERIES • Traditional alder body for exceptional resonance • One-piece maple neck, jumbo frets and ultra-carve heal for incredible comfort and playability • Split-single/single-coil alnico V pickups ensure a variety of tonal options • High-mass adjustable bridge for great intonation and sustain • Graph Tech TUSQ XL friction-reducing nut prevents binding and improves tuning stability

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