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BassPlayer 2017-05

BassPlayer 2017-05


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age-old-adage that the notes you don’t play are as important as the ones you do. From “Who Paid Them Off” through “Mash Them Down,” their infectious playing will have you dashing for the dance floor. —FREDDY VILLANO WARPAINT HEADS UP [Rough Trade] On Warpaint’s third studio album, Jenny Lee Lindberg displays how much she’s come into her own as a player with more developed and creative lines than ever before. Coming fresh off her first solo release (2015’s Right On!), Lindberg has honed her Rickenbacker-driven sound, which now boasts even more of a low presence along with a myriad of pedal-induced tones. Driving tracks like “So Good,” “The Stall,” and “Heads Up” show how much power Lindberg contributes to each song. —JON D’AURIA THE BLACK ANGELS DEATH SONG [Partisan] Austin’s resident psych-rock gurus are back after a fouryear absence, and their timing couldn’t be better. Rippling with darkness and foreboding, Death Song finds the band returning to its hard-edged roots, with Kyle Hunt laying into the low end with groove-inspired abandon, especially on cuts like the head-nodding “I’d Kill for Her,” the McCartney-esque “Grab As Much (As You Can),” and the marauding “Hunt Me Down,” where he plays high up on the neck with a gruff, dry-sounding riff that seems to ooze from the innards of his ’72 Fender Jazz. —BILL MURPHY CACTUS BLACK DAWN [Sunset Blvd.] Pete Bremy channels the late-’60s vibe of vintage Tim Bogert while adding his own personality to this re-vamped version of the band once dubbed “America’s Led Zeppelin.” Check out his solo on “Dynamite,” or the John Paul Jonesinspired bass lines in “Another Way or Another” and “C-70 Blues,” for the kind of adventurous bass playing that once defined an era. —FREDDY VILLANO HAVOK CONFORMICIDE [Century Media] Nick Shendzielos’ debut with thrash metal outfit Havok kicks off with a bang, as he opens with a full-out slap assault that doesn’t relent until the album’s conclusion. Equipped with Warwick basses and impressive dexterity and technique, Shendzielos takes command on “Hang ’Em High,” “Dogmaniacal,” and “Masterplan,” where he alternates between blazing-fast finger work and a jackhammer thumb. Even listeners who don’t fancy metal will be able to appreciate Shendzielos’ talent and showmanship. —JON D’AURIA BP / may2017 25

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