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BassPlayer 2017-05

BassPlayer 2017-05


TABLE OF CONTENTS LINK FACE TECH PLAY LEARN C ontents MAY 2017 | VOLUME 28, NUMBER 5 | BASSPLAYER.COM D B S T W DEPARTMENTS BASS NOTES 10 COMMUNITY Lowdown, Dig My Rig, the Real World, Court of Opinion 26 NEW GEAR D’Angelico, Trickfish, Zoom, Electro-Harmonix 48 TECH BENCH New! The Inquirer 66 THE INNOVATORS Mark Gooday of Ashdown 12 NICK BEGGS Plenty to say with the Mute Gods 14 BRANDI DISTERHEFT Dedication & detail 18 LAUREN TANEIL Booty for Beyoncé 22 BP RECOMMENDS 28 JUAN ALDERETE From the Mars Volta to his latest project, Halo Orbit, effects wizard Alderete is on a mission to keep the bass moving forward. Plus: An effects roundtable with top artists and manufacturers. By Jon D’Auria PAUL HAGGARD 36 SCOTT COLLEY How to get thrown into the musical deep end—and come up swimming. By John Goldsby 54 ARETHA FRANKLIN’S “LET ME IN YOUR LIFE” A cocky, pre-fame Stanley Clarke takes chance after chance on this 1974 session with the Queen of Soul. Cover photo: Paul Haggard Bass Player (ISSN 1050-785X) is published 13 times a year, monthly plus a Holiday issue to follow the December issue, by NewBay Media LLC, 28 East 28th Street, 12th floor, New York, NY 10016. Periodicals Postage Paid at New York, NY and at additional mailing offices. Canadian GST No. R13288078, Customer No. 2116057, Agreement No. 40011901. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Bass Player, Box 469069, Escondido, CA 92046. SOUNDROOM WOODSHED 44 GENZLER AMPLIFICATION Magellan 350 combo amp 46 FODERA Monarch-P & Emperor-J Standard Classic 4-strings 50 JAZZ CONCEPTS Just passing through 52 R&B GOLD Babbitt keeps bobbing up 6 / may2017

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