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90th Academy Awards took

90th Academy Awards took place at The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los the California.The ceremony was Angeles, on March 4, 2018, rather than its held late-February date to avoid usual with the 2018 Winter conflicting During the ceremony, AMPAS Olympics. Academy Awards) in 24 presented The ceremony was televised in categories. United States by American the Company. Comedian Jimmy Broadcasting hosted for the second consecutive Kimmel Actor Best Oldman, “Darkest Hour” Gary Actress Best “Three Billboards McDormand, Supporting Actor Best Rockwell, “Three Sam Outside Ebbing, Billboards Missouri” Supporting Actress Best Janney, “I, Tonya” Allison Adapted Screenplay Best Me By Your Name” “Call Cinematography Best Deakins, “Blade Runner Roger Costume Design Best Thread” “Phantom Film Editing Best “Dunkirk” Makeup and Hairstyling Best Hour” “Darkest Original Song Best Me, “Coco” “Remember Sound Editing Best “Dunkirk” Sound Mixing Best “Dunkirk” Visual Effects Best Runner 2049” “Blade Animated Feature Best “Coco” Documentary Feature Best “Icarus” Foreign Language Film Best Fantastic Woman” “A Animated Short Best Basketball” “Dear Documentary Short Best is a Traffic Jam on the “Heaven Live Action Short Best Silent Child” “The as we all know one of the most But, parts of Oscars is red carpet! From exciting Gonzalez's yellow dress to Margot Eiza 's white Chanel gown, everyone Robbie we come to the winners, while The When of Water has won 4 awards for Best Shape Best Director, Best Production Picture, and Best Original Score, Best Design Screenplay award has gone to Get Original Here you can check the other Out. BEYONCE GIVES BIRTH TO TWINS One of the most powerful women in the music industry announced her pregnancy on her Instagram account with a photo. The superstar Beyonce and the rapper and music producer Jay Z The announcement had more than 8m likes in the first 24 hours and welcomed their twins in Los Angeles into the world last week, become the “most liked” Instagram to reports on a few according websites. singer, who is 35, and her The already have a five-year- husband, old daughter, Blue Ivy. 90TH ACADEMY AWARDS weeks later after the Two she performed live announcement, the Grammy awards in Los at and proudly showed her Angeles belly in her dress. swelling Her “most liked” Instagram post ever. post ever. was impressing. winners. year. Outside Ebbing, Missouri” 2049” 405” 0 3

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