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The 7th CMU Summit Event Brochure(1)


TrademarkVision TrademarkVision is the world’s best visual search engine for trademarks and logos based on proprietary image recognition technology. Heart Input Output, Inc. Heart Input Output, Inc. is an artificial intelligence and machine learning start-up developing novel algorithms to be used for cardiovascular decision support. RFWear RFWear is our latest revolutionary technology that can turn traditional clothes into skeleton tracking garments with an under $1 cost, while the clothes remain lightweight and washable. Fungible Network ​Fungible Platform is a Blockchain network for asset-backed tokens. We are bringing ETF-like discipline to our products, making them truly transparent, fungible and liquid day 1. Zensors Inc. Zensors Inc is a Pittsburgh-based company focused on allowing people to easily create smart environments. 34

NEW VENTURE COMPETITION Teams MicroHAOPs Inc MicroHAOPs Inc. develops a disruptive wastewater treatment technology that offers a remedy for massive water pollution crisis in China. Quin Quin is a stealth-mode startup dedicated to transform global trust infrastructure and empower individuals to manage trust autonomously. SeedNT SeedNT is a high-quality token economy marketplace where blockchain projects with a high potential to boost their development and get funded, providing a secure and easy way for investors to invest in high-quality startups. THE 7TH CMU SUMMIT April 13-15th, 2018 Pittsburgh, PA 35

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