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WHERE DO YOU SEE STONEDWARE COMPANY IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS? WHAT’S YOUR NEXT BIG STEP? Oh boy! Stonedware has been an evolving journey and total learning experience for me over the past three years, same as when I started I don’t have a distinct goal other than making work that excites me and other like-minded individuals. This year I’m hoping to add new items to my offerings as well as hire on both administrative and production assistance so that I can have more time for designing and growing the business. In five years I’d love for Stonedware to be a global brand that still focuses on craftsmanship and elevating the aesthetics of cannabis consumption. AS FELLOW ARTISTS, WE KNOW THE INTERNAL STRUGGLE WITH SELLING & VALUING OUR WORK. HOW HAVE YOU OVERCOME SOME OF THESE CHALLENGES? Pricing and selling my work is still a struggle, especially in an era of Amazon and mass-produced ceramic wares, but through the years I have learned that in order to keep doing what I love with a level of craftsmanship that I require for each piece, I have to value my creations at a level that will make it possible to sustain myself and the business. Customers who respect and value the handmade process are typically more than understanding of this reality. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR ARTISTS WANTING TO SELL THEIR WORK IN THE CANNABIS SPACE? Go for it! The market is growing daily and it’s exciting to be at the forefront of a culture shift that is taking place. IN A DREAM WORLD, WHAT WOULD YOU BE WORKING ON AND WHERE? If I had my way I’d be focusing more on my art, creating large-scale ceramic sculptures and installations or just messing around on my pottery wheel. I’d love an ocean view somewhere sunny and tropical. I think I’d be pretty content being able to take a beach walk daily with my furry bud, Bernadette. GIVE US YOUR ‘HIGH & LOW’ OF BEING A CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR. I think like most entrepreneurs in any field the highs and lows can both be derived from the same thing, for instance, I can take as long of a vacation as I want but at the same time there is no one to fill in for me, being self-employed doesn’t come with PTO. Most of my highs come from when I get to personally connect with my customers, and hear direct feedback about how much they appreciate my work. Most lows stem from the overwhelming feeling that there aren’t enough hours in the day to ever make it all the way down the never ending, always accumulating “to-do” list. In these moments it’s important to remember, one day at a time. 98 MJLIFESTYLE.COM

HOW DO YOU STAY CONNECTED IN THE CANNABIS SPACE? IS THERE ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE OUR MJ COMMUNITY TO KNOW? I try to take part in as many local cannabis community events and activities as I can. Portland has so many likeminded individuals that it’s easy to network with some really amazing people in the industry (especially women!) as long as you’re willing to put yourself out there. In particular, I love taking part in Tokeativity events which focus on creating a cannabis community for women. Buy local & support artists! We can’t keep creating without your support! Smoke in style. xoxo WHAT INSPIRED YOUR ERGONOMICALLY CHIC GEOMETRIC PIPE DESIGNS? I wanted to design pieces that not only looked great on your table but also felt natural in your hand. Despite the GeoPipes angles they are all designed with a lot of intention to fit and feel good in the users hand. Plus I was tired of seeing, having and using phallic-shaped pipes! @MJLIFESTYLE 99

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