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the Other BY CAROLINE MAURO OF INDA CREATIONS Herb Smoking is a social ritual passed down for generations by our own ancestors as well as numerous other cultures around the world. It has played a central role in society and has been used for religious rituals and ceremonial purposes, and as medicine due to its healing properties. Smoking also increases our connection to nature and of course, adds to our enjoyment and relaxation. In addition to being nicotine-free and non-psychoactive, herbal blends can help reduce the craving for smoking cigarettes and other addictive substances, and have become a useful smoking cessation tool. They also provide a flavor kick, act as a relaxant and give an uplifting boost. THINK OF YOUR SMOKING BLEND IN 3 PARTS 1. THE CARRIER OR BASE HERB This should be an herb that is smooth, burns easily and has body. We suggest Damiana, Mullein or Raspberry Leaf. 2. THE MODIFIER OR SUPPORT BASE To enhance the Base of your choosing. Chamomile is a great example as it can help to relax the mind. Other modifiers are Passionflower, Uva Ursi, Mugwort, Stevia, Skullcap, Wild Dagga, Wild Lettuce, Hops, Marigold and Marjoram Rose. 3. THE FLAVOR KICK The smallest amount added and thus, usually a stronger herb. It should have a distinguished taste and strong medicinal effect. Some great flavor kicks include Peppermint, Spearmint, Lavender, Sage, Clove, Licorice Root and Thyme. FOR THE FINAL STEP, MIX THE HERBS TOGETHER: 3 parts Base 2 parts Modifier 1 part Flavor Kick After mixing them all together, enjoy your blend in a pipe, vaporizer or spliff. We use our multi-purpose herbal and floral blends in the INDA pipe necklace, steeped as a tea, used as a soak in a tub or as incense bags in drawers or suitcases on our travels. ISSUE 01 8

herbs + BENEFITS BY BLEND RED RASPBERRY LEAF ( found in all INDA blends) • Boosts the Immune System • Relieves Gastrointestinal Issues • Eases Muscle Tension and Relaxes Muscles (helpful during menstruation treating pain, cramps + nausea). • Tightens Skin (Vitamin A+C can help Skin Regenerate and become Firmer and Healthier) • Helps overcome Irritation and Skin Inflammation CHAMOMILE ( found in the INDA Relax blend) • Helps with Sleep • Relaxants can help with Anxiety • Reduces Tobacco Cravings / Smoking Cessation • Antidepressant HOPS ( found in the INDA Uplift blend) • Mild Sedative having a Calming Effect • Can Curb Anxiety • Naturally possesses very Strong Estrogenic action which makes it helpful for Menstrual Problems • Hops have been traditionally used for their Sedative Abilities and may help to ease feelings of Anxiety and Stress, and Nervousness LAVENDER ( found in the INDA Heal blend) • Antiseptic + Anti-inflammatory • Protects Heart Health • Prevents Digestive Issues • Helps to Treat Anxiety, Depression and Restlessness PEPPERMINT (Found in all INDA blends) • Increases alertness while helping maintain a sense of calm • Improves blood circulation • Strong Purifying Agent that can Restore and Rejuvenate both the Mind and Body SPEARMINT ( found in all INDA blends) • Relieves Symptoms of Digestive Problems • Balances Hormone Levels • Improves Memory • Reduces Inflammation • Prevents Chronic Diseases • Powerful Anti-fungal About Caroline - founder of INDA Creations, a holistic healing brand that focuses on the healing powers of nature using crystals and cannabis/plant medicine. INDA aims to enhance and amplify the wellness journey with tools for healing and symbols of self-care, inspired by Mother Earth. Caroline also is also a Fashion Stylist and Art Director. HEMP ( found in INDA Heal Blend) • Reduces Anxiety, Stress and depression • Supports and aids in Rreament of Painful Menstrual Periods • Helps with Insomnia • Curbs Nausea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Reduces Chronic Pain • Reduces Inflammation • Hemp is not Psychoactive 9 @MJLIFESTYLE

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