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MJ Lifestyle Issue 01 Digital

“All I knew of

“All I knew of Cannabis back then was that it helped me sleep at night. Now I know the truth. This last year I have spent so much time studying and learning about the healing properties of Cannabis. I’m proud to say to I am an advocate and treating my ADHD with CBD. Not just the plant itself but the people who are drawn to it and working in this industry to make it better are incredible. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been thanks to Cannabis.” - Harlee ISSUE 01 108

“My mom was a super hippie and can roll a solid joint. She was stoked that we were moving to Oregon and followed behind us from Texas a few months after. My younger sister and nephew also tagged along, and my sister Megan Manages our dispensaries in Southern Oregon.” - Jade 109 @MJLIFESTYLE

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