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MJ GETS CHATTY WITH THIS SAVVY TWOSOME WHO IS TAKING ON THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY BY STORM. WITH A LOVE FOR FASHION AND STYLE JADE DANIELS & HARLEE CASE CREATE THEIR DREAM JOB BY GETTING FANCY, CONNECTING WOMEN AND STAYING BOSSY. HOW DID THE TWO OF YOU MEET? JADE We met through the magical world of Instagram! I moved to Southern Oregon from Houston (by way of Los Angeles) in 2015 and was styling my jewelry and handbags with multiple photographers and bloggers there weekly. I didn’t know anyone in Oregon, so naturally I looked to social media to find some creative girls to take some photos with. I started searching hashtags of the small towns near me and came across a bunch of styled photo shoots of cute girls in vintage clothing that was @harleescloset. Thinking she had a shop and lived in Eugene, Oregon, 2 hours away, I suggested I drive up and shoot with her at her store HARLEE Little did Jade know that I actually lived a few blocks away from her in tiny Jacksonville, Oregon, which was so crazy! We met up the next day, did a photo shoot the day after that, and have been friends and working creatively together ever since. WHAT WERE THE TWO OF YOU DOING PRIOR TO STARTING LOP? HARLEE One year I was trying to save up some money to go to Sasquatch Music Festival at The Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington. Being the clothes hoarder that I am, I had a closet full of vintage finds and started Instagram and Etsy accounts to sell some of my old clothes. After making $1000 fast, I decided to turn it into a full business which became ‘Harlee’s Closet’. When I wasn’t managing the vintage boutique I worked at, Three Penny Mercantile, in Ashland, Oregon, I was thrifting for days on end and shipping out hundreds of packages monthly. JADE Before Ladies of Paradise is what it is today, I was spending every other month in Guatemala, scouring the markets of Lake Atitlan and designing bags for my online shop. I would travel to villages and markets all over the world and find unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry, bags and home goods from places like the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and small villages in Thailand. I started Ladies of Paradise in 2014 and after moving to Oregon the next year to work in the Cannabis industry, my focus started shifting and I became more and more enamored by working in my fiance’s dispensaries and farms. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO WORK TOGETHER? HOW DO YOU DIVIDE TASKS AND ROLES? JADE When I first met Harlee I saw something in her that reminded me of myself: she was running her own business, was super driven and creative, and had a lot of the same mannerisms as me (if you can consider losing your keys 30 seconds after entering the house a ‘mannerism’). I really valued Harlee’s creative direction and vision as a stylist and photographer for her own company, and those are what she brings to the table for LOP today. HARLEE We know our strengths and weaknesses well so it helps to divvy up tasks. One constant is that I shoot everything and she writes everything. HOW DO YOU LADIES BALANCE YOUR FRIENDSHIP AND WORK RELATIONSHIP? JADE We try to be really good about staying open with communication and letting each other know right away when something is bothering us. Building stuff up is never good for any relationship, any time. HARLEE That’s exactly it. We talk all day about everything. It can be really hard with two women with strong opinions to agree on everything, but honestly we are lucky that we A) have very similar crazy taste and B) respect the shit out of each other. We know at the end of the day our relationship is the most important thing to us. 111 @MJLIFESTYLE

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