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TELL US ABOUT YOUR JOURNEY WITH CANNABIS. HOW HAS CANNABIS INFLUENCED YOUR LIFE’S PATH? JADE Cannabis has inspired me, has educated me and has motivated me to make my mark in this industry. HARLEE It’s been a crazy one. It’s weird how life brings everything together. I never would have thought I would be working in the Cannabis industry but I should have seen life pushing me in this direction. Oddly, My first paid shoot was for a vape pen company. I grew up in one of the best places to grow weed in the country. My longtime ex-boyfriend was a grower and I would ride a quad into the forest to work at a grow 7 days a week for 2 seasons. That experience made me spent on weed. All I knew of Cannabis back then was that it helped me sleep at night. Now I know the truth. This last year I have spent so much time studying and learning about the healing properties on Cannabis. I’m so proud to say to I am an advocate and treating my ADHD with CBD. Not just the plant itself but, the people who are drawn to it and working in this industry to make it better are incredible. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been thanks to Cannabis. WAS IT DIFFICULT SHARING WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS YOUR NEW CHOSEN CAREER PATH? HOW WAS THE RESPONSE? HARLEE Yes and No. My parents are super religious and that made me very rebellious at a young age. I’ve always liked to push the boundaries with them and try to challenge their thinking. They might not fully understand it yet but they are coming around. I’ve been giving them different CBD products to help them with joint and back pain and they are seeing that it really does help. JADE My mom was a super hippie and can roll a solid joint. She was stoked that we were moving to Oregon and followed behind us from Texas a few months after. My younger sister and nephew tagged along also, and my sister Megan is the manager of our dispensaries in Southern Oregon. WHAT FASHION ICONS INSPIRE YOU? JADE I really love the @simihaze twins and Bella Hadid’s style HARLEE Alexa Chung and Carrie Bradshaw ;) WHAT ERAS IN TIME DO YOU MOST RELATE TO? JADE The 90s! I loved growing up in the 90s so much, and am super into the return of styles from that decade. I’m all about thin sunglasses, high waisted Levi’s and a fuzzy cropped sweater. HARLEE Oh man, I like it all. I’m a vintage clothing hoarder remember? I do really love the 60’s and 80’s right now though. DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS A CHILD. WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU ‘GREW UP’? JADE I was an Army brat and moved around a lot. I was born in Kentucky, moved to North Carolina a year later and to Puerto Rico in the sixth grade where soccer completely became my life. I was on a travel team, school team and rec team all at the same time and from then until I graduated high school I wanted to be a pro soccer player. My 2 best friends and I skateboarded and surfed and were tomboys, chasing around my older brother and his friends. In school, I was always a dedicated student and took my education seriously. HARLEE I haven’t really changed much. I’ve always been loud, rebellious, kind, and a disaster waiting to happen. Jade and I both have the “hot mess” thing down to an art. I have always and will always dream of being a musician. I mean, I am a musician, but I’d like to be a successful traveling musician. HOW DO YOUR PERSONAL STYLES DIFFER FROM ONE ANOTHER? JADE I’m definitely more ‘streetwear’ and rock sneakers on the daily. I like to mix designer pieces with stuff I find thrifting with Harlee, and I love fun prints. And jackets, I have soooo many jackets. HARLEE I lean toward retro hard and love to layer. I usually throw on all the funky patterns I can find and call it a day. Boots always. ISSUE 01 114

DESCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE ITEM IN YOUR CLOSET RIGHT NOW. JADE I just got a pair of funky Louboutin sequin boots in Vegas that are gold on one side of the sequins and black on the other. You can fully change them to different colors depending on your outfit. HARLEE My new plaid golf hat, my gold chain belts, and my 1980’s black and white checkered blazer. WHAT DO YOU THINK WOMEN NEED IN THE CANNABIS SPACE? HARLEE I think women need support from each other. In Portland the ladies are doing it right, we really have each others back. AS FELLOW ARTISTS & ENTREPRENEURS, WE UNDERSTAND THE MANY HATS YOU MUST WEAR IN THE BEGINNING. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB? JADE I love making the connections and bringing people together. To see girls meet at our parties and watch them collaborate on future shoots and events makes me so happy! HARLEE Photography and Styling hands down. WHAT TASK ARE YOU MOST EAGER TO OFFLOAD? JADE Talking to anyone about money. HARLEE Seriously! That’s always a tricky one. I’m ready for the day we have a sick studio. I spend way to much time loading clothing in and out of my car. DO YOU HAVE ADVICE FOR WOMEN STARTING OUT WITH THEIR OWN CREATIVE CANNABIS BUSINESS? JADE Be authentic and unafraid to take risks and push the limits. The sky’s the ceiling in this industry and there’s so much room for creativity in Cannabis. HARLEE Hustle, know your worth, and work with women. CAN YOU SHARE YOUR FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA HACK WITH MJ? JADE Create a thread on instagram of a group of women who need support from each other. Everytime one of you posts a new pictures on the feed send it to the convo. Everyone should agree to like and comment on the photo asap. The number of likes you get in the first few minutes impacts how much Instragram shows your photo. HARLEE When in doubt, make it retro. Download apps like 8mm and huji to add a quick flare with no editing needed. 115 @MJLIFESTYLE

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