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SPRING 2018 TAROTSCOPES: EMBRACING FERTILITY AND CRAFTING ABUNDANCE BY CASEY ZABALA CREATRIX OF WANDERER’S TAROT TAURUS: THE MOON Spring just may be Taurus’ favorite season, with the flowers in bloom and the bees hard at work. The Moon invites Taurus to indulge in the romance of the moment, and prioritize dreamy inner work. Start a dream journal, take in a psychedelic sound bath, and create sacred space where you can tend to your inner world. The Moon pulls us inward in order to discover a rich relationship between our outer-selves and our psyche. Shadow: The Moon may also dreg up nightmares and ancient emotional baggage. Be prepared to process what arises with a grain of salt and a tender heart. @WANDERERSTAROT TAROT CARD FOR SPRING: THE EMPRESS The Empress heralds the beginning of a sweet and abundant Spring time. Tune into your intentions for this season, whether workrelated, or personal, or both! The Empress gifts us with the energetic fertility needed to make our goals manifest, as she teaches us how to coax growth, rather than force it. Make sure you are nurturing your goals, rather than rushing to cross the finish line. Enjoy the process of blossoming. Whatever seeds of intention you planted during the winter months could use a little more tender love and care in order to take shape. The same message can be applied to your self-care. Nourish yourself intentionally throughout the Spring and be prepared to reap the rewards come Summer. ARIES: 5 OF CUPS We welcome the beginning of the Wheel of the Year with our babe of the zodiac, Aries. This Spring offers Aries a cautionary note about emotional responsiveness. Don’t take things too personally, Aries. It’s time for you to take a step back before jumping to conclusions. Rather than waste your energy on petty dramas, use your fire to make real change in the world. Shadow: The 5 of Cups suggests that Aries might end up hurting her own feelings and getting tangled deeper in drama. Our suggestion: channel your passionate responses into your creativity and drive to facilitate justice. GEMINI: THE LOVERS The Lovers in the tarot has a natural affinity with the twins of the zodiac. Gemini, this Spring will be filled with questions of partnership, commitment, and intentional decision making. Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Or is it time to part ways? Be thinking about what your ideal future has in store, and allow your heart to operate from that level. Shadow: The Lovers often asks us tough questions regarding what keeps us from being fully committed to our personal growth, and to relationship growth. Gemini, give yourself the space to be totally honest with yourself about your needs CANCER: 7 OF PENTACLES Someone has been hard at work! The 7 of Pentacles suggests a Spring filled with activity and expansion for our sweet Cancers out there. Allow your ambitions to take center stage, and let your creativity be your main emotional outlet. You are about to become a very busy bee. Stay focused on your long term goals to keep you motivated. Shadow: Don’t let the stress of the moment derail you. Maintain a healthy work-life balance to help you cope with the amped up routine LEO: ACE OF CUPS The Ace of Cups signals a time of intuitive awakening for our fiery Leos. This Spring you will be expanding your horizons, awakening your third eye, and moving through the world with an open heart. The Ace of Cups offers a gift of emotional energy, Leo, it’s up to you to decide what you fill your sacred cup with, and whether or not it will overflow, or remain halfempty. Shadow: Not so comfortable with the touchy-feely vibes? This Spring may challenge you to own your emotional responses, and become a more open vulnerable Leo. VIRGO: 2 OF SWORDS It’s all about decisions, decisions, for our practical Virgos this Spring season. The 2 of Swords suggests a stalemate of sorts. Have you been stuck in the planning stages and unable to enact your vision? Channel the vibrancy of Spring and get to work implementing your plans. Listen to what your intuition has to say, and follow your gut instincts. Don’t get caught up in the right-way, wrong-way trap. Just do you. Shadow: The 2 of Swords suggests an over-reliance on our logical mind. It’s time to balance things out by giving your intuition a chance to make a few decisions. ISSUE 01 118

ART BY CASEY ZABALA With 15 years of tarot experience, Casey Zabala has a studied and intuitive approach to her readings, while incorporating aspects of natural magic and manifestation techniques to her offerings. Passionate about mystical and magical arts, Casey hopes to do her part to heal the collective through individual tarot readings and artistic explorations. LIBRA: ACE OF WANDS Feeling those sexy Spring vibes, Libra? The Ace of Wands is about to give you a jolt of electric creative energy. Channel that stimulating force through you. It’s time to live a little, and throw yourself passionately into your work, your play, and your partnerships. Commit to a path that grants you the most creative expression. Shadow: Without the appropriate channels, the energy of the Ace of Wands may make you feel scattered, overwhelmed, or burnt out. Direct that energy into your guitar, through your paintbrush, or on the dance floor. SCORPIO: KNIGHT OF CUPS The Knight of Cups is galloping into your life this Spring, and it certainly seems like you are on a mission, Scorpio. Communicate your needs so that they may be met. If you don’t specify your boundaries, your co-workers are bound to cross them. Be prepared to draw the line, coming from a place of emotional vulnerability and kindness. Shadow: Not everyone will understand, dear Scorpio. Be patient and compassionate with others or else you will end up burning more bridges rather than building stronger alliances. SAGITTARIUS: 5 OF PENTACLES Take stock of how much of yourself you give to your work. This Spring is about re-evaluating your energetic commitments, to yourself, your work, and your relationships. It’s time to prioritize your Truth and the projects that fill you with a sense of purpose. Practice simple gratitude for what you’ve already accomplished and allow yourself to appreciate the magic of Spring. Shadow: Don’t let yourself get bogged down in the daily grind. Choose selfresponsibility over energetic traps. CAPRICORN: 2 OF PENTACLES You sure are hard at work, Capricorn. With so many opportunities up in the air, it may be difficult to choose a singular path to focus on. Ground into the opportunity that feeds you emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Believe in your ability to make it work. When you are able to see one project through to fruition, your strong Capricorn heart with grow three-fold. Shadow: The energy of the 2 of Pentacles can sometime defuse a situation. Make sure that you stay dynamically connected with your work. AQUARIUS: THE SUN Aquarius! Embrace The Sun, the blossoming gardens, the vitality of your body, and the fruits of your labor this Spring. The Sun asks that we enjoy the simple pleasures in our daily lives. Indulge in whatever it is that keeps you feeling grounded and nourished. Spend more time outdoors, with the people you love, and connect with your inner child - who is definitely ready to come out to play. Shadow: Not really feeling the rainbow and sunshine vibes? It may be time to seek the support you need in order to feel exuberantly you. PISCES: 8 OF SWORDS It may be difficult to understand the Piscean ‘big picture’ throughout the Spring. Many opportunities are in motion, and so much is being transformed within you. Trust that you are solidly on the right path, and that only you know what needs to come next. Allow your intuition to take the reigns for a little while, and experience a subtle change in your energy. Shadow: The energy of the 8 of Swords is a challenge for you to move forward without worry or anxiety. Try breathing into the fear, and exhaling out your worries. 119 @MJLIFESTYLE

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