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TELL US MORE ABOUT BYRDIE’S MIDNIGHT MEGACAMP! ARE THEY CURRENTLY ONLY IN PORTLAND? DO YOU PLAN TO EXPAND? The camps are what has been coined “Empowerment Camps” for women. It was really important to me to create something that incorporated physical fitness, mental health and community building. I pretty much took what I do on the blog— showcasing the many awesome ways for women to get fit - and brought it to them to experience in real life with real women. These pop ups are about bringing women together in the spirit of overcoming obstacles, embracing transformation, and entering a new day with your sisters! Midnight MegaCamps start between 9pm and 12am (depending on location), expect to glow under the black lights and have the time of your life. For 2018 monthly pop ups will be touring Portland and in 2019 Midnight MegaCamps will be coming to various cities across the US! WHAT IS A TYPICAL DAY LIKE AS A MAMA AND FITSPO QUEEN? DO YOU HAVE ANY MORNING RITUALS? When I wake up I spend a few moments just being grateful. Then I visualize the flow of my day as well as what I want my life to look like. (I’m very into manifestation) I get my daughter ready for school and from there I’m either checking out Fitness studios, talking with health coaches or preparing the next blog feature. Before I get my kiddo from school I make time to workout or see a movie (yep) Since I am usually experiencing pretty bad round ligament pain & sciatica, I will usually micro-dose with CBD a few times throughout the day. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC TO WORK OUT TO? DO YOU HAVE A PLAYLIST READERS CAN DOWNLOAD? I actually listen to a bunch of reggae and island music (Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Common Kings, J Boog) as well as a lot of R&B and Sam Cooke! It’s such a weird mix but it’s so me. TELL US ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH CANNABIS. WHEN DID YOUR JOURNEY BEGIN? I never really had a consistent relationship with Cannabis. I dabbled a little in high school and a few times in my adult life, but very sporatic and on a social level. It was never really “my thing”. It wasn’t until I got pregnant this year that I really began to explore and deepen my relationship with Cannabis, spcifically CBD. It started when I sought out alternatives for the significant pain I was experiencing during my pregnancy. I refused to take perscription drugs and instead decided to self medicate using CBD. AS A YOUNG MAMA IN COLLEGE, YOU WERE IN A HORRIFIC ACCIDENT. HOW DOES FITNESS AND CANNABIS HELP WITH YOUR PTSD? Yes, I was in a bus that crashed on the highway. I fractured 13 bones in my face, broke my clavicle and dislocated my kneww. All of that was pretty horrible but not as bad as the PTSD that would haunt me shortly after. I was in a really bad place mentally and emotionally. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through. One day I decided to dedicate some time going on a walk then working my way up to yoga and then full body workouts in my home. The positive changes that occured were incredible. This was when I realized the outstanding correlation between physical fitness and mental health. PTSD is a continuous struggle, Cannabis has also aided in my healing. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE CBD PRODUCTS TO USE DURING PREGNANCY? EMPOWER soaking salts (black label) CBD topical by Green Roads Bear Balm by Honey Pot CBD Balm by Wink CBD Salves by Made from Dirt “Don’t be afraid to play BIG no matter how small you feel. You can create an impact anywhere.” Little Blessings CBD oil from Simple Jane WHAT WOULD YOU SAY YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE HAS BEEN IN STARTING BYRDIE’S BABES THUS FAR? GREATEST REWARD? My biggest challenge was not knowing anything about Business or where to start. Having to find my own way was a challenge and a reward in the end. The greatest reward is meeting so many phenomenal women and watching them all connect at these events. It makes me so proud and emotional. For me, it’s always been about sending the message that “you’re not alone”; so being able to help women feel that makes every obstacle worth it. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR WOMEN INTERESTED IN BUILDING A COMMUNITY TO INSPIRE, CONNECT AND EMPOWER OTHER WOMEN? Yes, my advice would be just get out there and do it! Don’t be afraid to play BIG no matter how small you feel. You can create impact anywhere. There will always be unexpected challenges but that’s where the most growth happens. I have been fortunate enough to have hit so many walls and faced so much adversity. I don’t think I would be ready to take on the world the way I intend to this year had I not gone through the things I did. YOU ARE RAISING A TINY YOUNG WOMAN, WHO UNDOUBTEDLY SHINES AS BRIGHT AS YOU HAVE SHOWN HER. IF THERE IS ONE THING YOU COULD HAVE HER TRULY UNDERSTAND, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Little black girl, YOU HAVE A BIG VOICE. You can be part of the change this world needs. You are valued, you are loved, you are LIGHT. Mommy loves you. YOU’VE CREATED SOMETHING SPECIAL INSPIRING WELLNESS AND EMPOWERMENT REACHING A RISING COMMUNITY OF WOMEN. YOU CAN ONLY GO UP FROM HERE. CAN YOU SHARE ANY FUTURE PLANS FOR BYRDIE’S BABES? The next step is really just expansion. By next year our trademark Midnight MegaCamps will be in multiple cities with over 500 women attending! I am also hoping to partner with some pretty amazing brands this year to keep spreading this love and light. The future is female! ISSUE 01 18


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