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MJ Lifestyle Issue 01 Digital



ISSUE 01 L I F E S T Y L E LIVING CULTURE 04 Empower Your Mornings with 08 INDA Creations & The Other Herb 12 CBD For The Modern Woman 16 Meet Byrdie McCoy, Founder of Midnight Mega Camps 20 Six Reasons Why You Should Be Using CBD Oil in Your Skincare Routine 22 Behind The Scenes with Sous Weed & Elise McRoberts 29 How To Microdose WELLNESS 68 How Do You Taboo? A Mother’s Fight Advocating For Her Child 70 On The Cover Cannabis’ Sweetheart, Activist, DJ Chelsea Leyland Shares Her New Reality Living with Epilepsy 78 The Constance Effect— Interview with Constance Finley, The Woman Behind Whole Plant Medicine 94 Tokeativity 96 Made in Canada 97 Business In The Higher Arts 101 Secular Marys 107 The Ladies Of Paradise 118 Wanderer’s Tarotscope ON THE COVER Cannabis’ Sweetheart, Activist & DJ Chelsea Leyland Shares Her New Reality Of Living With Epilepsy. Photography by Amanda Bjorn Story by Brittney Mesica INDUSTRY METHODOLOGY 30 Lady Of The Valley Editorial—Will Cannabis Be The Central Valley’s Next Cash Crop? 40 The Beauty of Cryptocurrency—Interview with CEO of Paragon Coin, Jessica VerSteeg 86 Dr. Monica Vialpando Invents Her Way Into The Cannabis Industry 91 The Sativa Science Club Offers Up Higher Education In Portland and Beyond 49 The Ladies Of Quim Rock Making Vaginas Happy 56 Meet Kimmy Kamish, LA’s Newest Cannabis Landlord 64 The Grow Sister & The Wild West

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