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THIS CRYPTIC BEAUTY KNOWS CRYPTOCURRENCY & IS BRINGING IT TO CANNABIS JESSICA VerSTEEG, CEO OF PARRAGON COIN PHOTOGRAPHY JENNIFER SKOG STYLING DANE DISETH MJ gets intimate with (former) lingerie model and CEO of Paragon Coin, Jessica VerSteeg, the force behind a unique Blockchain/Cannabis connection that’s changing the legal status of Cannabis to ensure the benefits are available globally, and creating a framework for regulation and verification of the Cannabis industry. HOW DOES PARAGON COIN COMPARE TO BITCOIN OR OTHER CANNABIS COINS LIKE POTCOIN AND CANNABISCOIN? Paragon coin (PRG) is inherently different to both Bitcoin and other Cannabis coins. Bitcoin serves an entirely different purpose, as it’s currently not only the largest cryptocurrency by market cap—but also the primary trading pair against other cryptocurrencies on exchanges. One could say, that Bitcoin is the “gold” of the cryptocurrency world. On the other hand, there are more than a handful of Cannabis coins such as PotCoin and CannabisCoin. These two coins are both focused towards the Cannabis industry, but are entirely different products, as the main purpose they serve is to be the next payment method for Cannabis —which is still a very gray area in most countries and federally illegal in the US. Paragon does help solve some of the cash problem in the industry, allowing participants in the industry to make B2B purchases in PRG for all products except the Cannabis itself. Examples include lights, paying security guards, growing equipment, fertilizers, paying bud tinders, and packaging materials. On top of that, Paragon is creating a seed-to-sale tracking solution for Cannabis companies - all based on blockchain through smart-contracts. This allows final users to verify if their product is what they paid for, as well as allowing dispensaries to verify that the purchased harvest information matches the results of the lab test. In addition, governments will be able to access all information on the supply chain that they require - allowing for fast audits with the assurance of accurate data that has not been manipulated. Besides the online part of what we do at Paragon, there is also the offline element: our Paragon Spaces. These high-tech hubs promote innovation within the industry, in addition to bringing like-minded people together in order to grow their businesses and help the industry. Importantly, PRG is the only payment method accepted for any and all payments within these spaces. 41 @MJLIFESTYLE

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