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DESCRIBE A TYPICAL DAY IN THE LIFE OF JESS. No day is exactly the same for me, but generally this is what my day looks like. I wake up, kiss my husband, play with my puppy, and have a cup of green tea. Check blockchain and Cannabis news, check telegram, check slack, check emails and start working (conference calls, meetings, designing the app, looking at possible co-working spaces, interviews, working with our developers on the code). I also like to take a few minutes in between meetings and calls to walk around the office and see how my team is doing. My lunch break is usually when I talk with my family and catch up with friends. Then back to work until Europe wakes up, I’m a night owl so I don’t have a problem staying up late. WHAT IS THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF YOUR JOB? Perhaps the most difficult elements of the job is working in a climate that is forever changing. As a company that has some operations in the US, there are a lot of variables in legislation from city to state to federal. As a result, operations vary significantly within the Cannabis industry in every country, as well as every state in the US. The same is also true for crypto legislation, with some countries leading the way for mainstream adoption, and others taking a much more defensive or indecisive stance. I look forward to Paragon setting the precedent as a supply chain tracking solution for the Cannabis industry worldwide - all powered by blockchain. Demonstrating the potential of free and transparent information in an industry that is fragmented and lacking clear regulations will pave the way to uniting people, businesses and hopefully even governments. WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT RIGHT NOW? I’m excited to see more and more women in the space like Eva Kaili who is not only a rock star in crypto and blockchain, but also a leading figure for blockchain in politics and governance. Seeing women like Dr. Jemma Green, Linda Xie, Galia Benartzi, and Elizabeth Stark blazing a bold path for others to follow is so inspiring. I’m excited to see younger generations growing up in an environment that embraces equality and expects nothing less. I’m also excited to see progress in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and Cannabis within several government bodies. I’m glad to see that the world and its governments are trending towards legitimizing blockchain technology and even cryptocurrencies. It’s amazing to see how rapidly blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are progressing and gradually becoming implemented into daily life for more and more people. The great part of this new industry is how blockchain will remove barriers, unnecessary third parties and tiers of costs structures - breaking down the traditional payment industry and providing individuals with access to more for less. ISSUE 01 44

WHAT TRENDS ARE YOU SEEING WITHIN THE CANNABIS SPACE? More people are wanting to know where their cannabis is coming from. As Cannabis becomes more mainstream and consumers are becoming more educated, they are starting to care more about what the Cannabis plants are fed and they are becoming more critical of how cannabis products are produced. Replacing Alcohol with Marijuana. The landscape of not only America’s leisure activities, but plenty of countries around the world are set to shift, as consumers start to turn to cannabis as their recreational substance of choice. Using Cannabinoids in Healthcare. The human body naturally produces a substance called endocannabinoids attaching to receptors within the endocannabinoid system or ECS. The human ECS impacts our physiological process daily making this system extremely important to our being. The Cannabis plant has more than 100 different cannabinoids, which when consumed influence our ECS. Cannabis and its diverse production of cannabinoids have correlation within the human body to treat certain ailments or severe illnesses. There is still limited research and studies done on this system, but with proper influence and investment the world can begin to learn how much Cannabis can positively affect us and provide alternate treatments to harmful pharmaceutical drugs. Smaller Serving Sizes. With so many new people coming on board to trade their painkillers or alcohol in for CSannabis I’m seeing smaller serving sizes are really making a way. I personally enjoy eating a whole brownie with a scoop of ice cream so when it comes to medicated brownies (or any edibles) I think most people feel the same way, they would rather have a smaller dose in the brownie so they can enjoy the whole brownie while it’s fresh. WHAT ICONIC WOMEN HAVE MADE YOU PROUD TO BE A WOMAN? Honestly, my mom is the most iconic woman in my life and she has made me most proud to be a women. I would say there is no second place next to my mom, but there is an endless list of women that I admire and am proud to say they represent women well. Eva Kaili Eva is perhaps the most prominent leader for women in blockchain and crypto. Not only is Eva an advisor to many successful ICOs and blockchain based projects, she is also a member of EU parliament - driving direction for blockchain adoption within the European Union. 45 @MJLIFESTYLE

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