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2 017

2 017 was a hard year for women. We saw a rise in the Republican Party’s attacks against us- to defund Planned Parenthood and to take away our reproductive and legal rights. “Feminism” seemed to have acquired a negative connotation with an utterance that could shut down just about any dialogue. All the while, our hearts were still recovering from the recent election. Yet, this became the year that we fought back. Women all over the world became emboldened, fearless. We marched for equal rights across borders and state lines. We started the #metoo movement to expose and eradicate sexual violence. We rose to political power where we gained a platform and a voice, and people started to listen. Women everywhere began to take matters in to their own hands, and in this instance, their vaginas! Meet Cyo and Rachel, the leading labium behind Quim Rock, a San Francisco based,Cannabis-infused intimate self-care line. Quim is a 17th century archaic, derogatory British word for vulva, or cunt. When asked why they chose to bring this term back into use in the 21st Century, Quim responded, “We feel that there is power in reclaiming words that had historically been used to put people down. We love the sound of the word- it’s really beautiful. We definitely wanted something “yonic” for the company name. People don’t really know what it means which is cool because it leads to more questions. Of course our first week of launching the product we got an email from a woman in her 50s demanding that we must change the name of the company because it was so offensive and vulgar. But that’s the thing, if you’re not pissing someone off you’re not pushing the envelope far enough.” “I’ve always had chronic yonic issues.” The ladies of Quim Rock specialize in producing a THC lubricant. You heard it right girls, weed lube! It gets your pussy high while simultaneously increasing libido. Double the pleasure, double the fun! When creating their intimate oils, Rachel and Cyo choose a Sativa dominant Cannabis strain that propels the vagina into a sparkly awakened state leading to enhanced sensation and intensified climax. The lubricant is also comprised of a liquid coconut oil base and contains a low dose of tea tree- “mother natures’ antifungal and antiseptic. This in turn not only heightens orgasm and arousal by giving a cooling and warming effect, but it also balances our ever so sensitive PH levels making it a go-to for combatting yeast infections and UTI’s. “I’ve always had chronic yonic issues.” Cyo tells us. “The first time I had sex I ended up with a horribly long cycle of UTIs and yeast infections. Sex was painful. I spent the last year of college going to every health food store searching for products for vaginal health. I would end up going to the store and thinking to myself, “WTF is going on here?! There are four aisles on male balding yet there are only two brands of organic tampons and one tea tree suppository that has so many yin yangs and faeries all over it that I can’t even take it seriously.” So I thought, enough is enough, I’m going to have to make my own.” As a little girl, Cyo grew up concocting and making “potions.” She would grind up plants and spices, turning them into facemasks and poultices to test out on her sister. “I had heard about Cannabis-infused lubrication…I love smoking weed and love my vagina and want it to be happier so I went out and bought this teeny tiny bottle of THC lube. The first time I tried it it didn’t work. Maybe it was because I was hesitant to use very much since the bottle was so small and expensive. I decided to give it another shot. This time I used more and the results were mind-blowing! Within 15-20 minutes it had totally increased my natural lubricant and arousal. But because of the price-to-size ratio of the bottle it just wasn’t sustainable. I thought, could I make this myself ? After that I started experimenting with products of my own. I went on a trip to Georgia and ended up accidentally leaving a sample jar at a friend’s place. She later called me and told me that she had used it and that I was never getting it back. Her partner then jumped on the phone and told me how incredible he thought it was. They both agreed that I needed to start making more to sell. Six months later, we launched our first line of intimate lube.” Rachel and Cyo were not always involved in the Cannabis scene. Rachel was one of the founding members of an interior design firm and had managed a number of consumer facing companies. Cyo had a career entirely in tech sales, first breaking ground in the Cannabis industry after getting a job at Meadow, an ondemand directory connecting Cannabis patients with dispensaries. ISSUE 01 50


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