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Growing up, the two lived within five blocks of each other in San Francisco, and played soccer as young girls. Yet, college took them their separate ways and they didn’t reconnect until after both had graduated and moved back to the Bay Area. “I had low-key been looking for a partner to start this Cannabis company for the past four years. Then there was this moment at a friend’s party where Rachel was talking about what she wanted in the next phase of her life and career and I had this light bulb moment where I said “OMG! You’re perfect for this; to make this side project into a company.”” The two joined forces and launched Quim Rock in April of 2017. “Rachel is the yin to my yang.” Cyo says about their working relationship. “We have such different energies that it makes for a good team. Rachel is a marathon. She is very detail-oriented and has incredible work ethic. When she starts something she sits down and bangs it out. She’s always reminding me about things like bulk pricing. I am more of a sprint of energy. I’m out there fundraising and pitching ideas.” Since their launch, Quim Rock has been well received in both the Cannabis and erotic communities. The company was recently featured in Viceland’s series, Slutever, hosted by Vogue columnist, Karley Sciortino in an episode titled, Stoned Sex. This gained the women huge exposure, and with the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in California, the ladies have seen a five-fold increase in volume and order rates since starting the company. 53 @MJLIFESTYLE

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