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Quim Rock plans to

Quim Rock plans to launch three to four new products this year, ranging from latex-safe lubricants to CBD-heavy THC-free products that will enable them to distribute across state lines. “Fundamentally we want to create products that work. There is so much opportunity right now in history. Women’s health is really under fire, so it is extremely necessary that we have access to products out there that work for us instead of causing us more harm. We look at ingredients in tampons and they read, “Bleached cotton.” Monistat is supposed to help with a yeast infection but causes serious dryness. These products are reactive, not proactive. We’re all so into drinking cold-pressed juices and wearing sunscreen, so why are we not being proactive with this deeply important part of our bodies?” By fostering sustainable self-care practices and creating a product that enables women to have happy, healthy vaginas and multiple orgasms, the ladies of Quim Rock have opened the door for conversation between women, and have become advocates for women’s sexual health in the Cannabis community and beyond. While gaining inspiration from such female powerhouses as Oprah and her mother; Cyo shares with us who she really finds the most motivating. “People who inspire me the most are not famous. They are the people who advocated for Cannabis to become more than a movement but an industry—those out there trying to redesign the speculum. People who didn’t get to go to the women’s march because they were busy taking care of their families or working. People who have been dealt really shitty hands and are still pushing through and show up in their lives everyday. “ And when asked if Quim Rock has any advice for women in 2018, Rachel and Cyo unequivocally answered, “Stop apologizing and start masturbating!” Yes please! ISSUE 01 54


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