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MJ Lifestyle Issue 01 Digital

“Cannabis Businesses

“Cannabis Businesses pay on time, are respectful and don’t want any trouble” ISSUE 01 56

MEET KIMBERLY KAMISH The Former Miss Belize Holds The Keys To Cannabis’ Newest Collaborative Workspace, The Hideout PHOTOGRAPHY JENNIFER SKOG STYLING DANE DISETH WARDROBE ELLE DYNER Two years ago, Kimberly Kamish—affectionately known as Kimmy—was managing an apartment building in Hollywood while chasing her personal dreams of becoming the modernday Ethnic Herbal Martha Stewart. She longed for a creative space of her own where she could curate her dreams and inspire the dreams of others. What she didn’t see coming was meeting the love of her life and where it would take her. At that same time in a gritty neighborhood in South Central LA, a Los Angeles architect was subletting a rundown warehouse to craftsmen in his field while looking for a way to finance the rest of his renovation. That was until Stephen King met his new partner in crime and future fiancé, Ms. Kimmy Kamish. They envisioned transforming the warehouse into a creative workplace for artists and entrepreneurs, and the two banded together to embark on this new and exciting project. Her fiance’s keen architectural eye brought this brilliantly designed idea to life, while Kimmy’s previous experience in property management put together workable systems to operate the new business. She quickly began to mold the platform on which they now stand. The Hideout was made for artists, creatives, and trailblazing entrepreneurs to grow their businessesand facilitate a community of likeminded individuals to inspire and thrive. In the beginning, they had a bad tenant or two, but Kimmy decided to take a chance on a local Cannabis delivery service and found them to be her best tenant yet. “Cannabis businesses pay on time, are respectful and don’t want any trouble,” she says. With that revelation, they opened their arms to the Cannabis industry and now have rented four spaces to Cannabis business owners. 57 @MJLIFESTYLE

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