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MJ Lifestyle Issue 01 Digital

when your crystal

when your crystal matches your ring @ELEVATEJANE @PUREBEAUTYPUREBEAUTY Lunch& Blunts the inda pipe necklace MJ Lifestyle and The Hideout hosted the first of many events this past January, celebrating with some of the most influential women in the Cannabis Community. We look forward to building relationships and partnering with even more incredible women and brands in the future. Stay tuned! after the event we drove to the beach & endulged in one of these pretties. Felt like it was 1999! @INDACREATIONS @STONEROADFARMS infuse oil with your favorite herbs in your home! from soap to salad dressing, the options are limitless with this savvy machine! ISSUE 01 62 @LEVO_OIL

holy chic! we never wanted to leave portland’s serra dis[ensary @SERRACANNABIS Places @WHITERABBITHIGHTEA celebrating the life & accomplishments of legend dennis peron. @KYRIOUS.CO @SIOBHAN.DANGER.DARWISH @ELEVATEJANE staying elevated at the High Times Women of Weed event talk about ‘high’ tea! @THEEMERALDCUP getting cheeky at the La store opening Events @FORLOVEANDLEMONS @CHELSEALEYLAND mj caught up with the ladies of paradise at portland’s new hot spot for cannabis and complimentary goodies - can you say munchies?? @99HIGHTIDE @JEFFREYSJOINT @MEGLEE11 mj went under the sea in malibu to check out the scene at 99 high tide @LADIESOFPARADISE @JENNIFERSKOG

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