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MJ Lifestyle Issue 01 Digital

Our following sprouted

Our following sprouted and has grown organically; our fans have fallen in love with the simple nature of two sisters working to navigate the unexplored newly legal market of Cannabis, complete with laughs and gaffs. Even before state regulations started being discussed, savvy leaders have been establishing best practices and certification programs for themselves. After all, we know what needs to be done from the inside better than anyone looking in. To educate is to empower, and in the age of health crises on many fronts and questionable business practices on others, Grow Sisters is committed to amplifying individuals and organizations which raise the bar and set the new standards. The nonprofit Cannabis Certification Council is just such an organization, offering a national third-party certification program and seal according to its mission to promote organic cultivation methods, empower fair labor practices, and provide consumer education and choice in the cannabis industry. I am honored to be on the board of this group which is so aligned with our mission. Grow Sisters 2018 season is all about the best: best practices in regenerative farming, in sustainable business building, in product creation and distribution. That’s Grow Sister Approved. We dig into people, practices, products and businesses to celebrate the good they are doing. We’re here to normalize healthy medicine and healthy businesses, to be the change that we have yearned for as a community. In Northern California, Highway 101 is limited to two lanes by ancient redwood groves, restricting huge trucks from getting through. Prohibition similarly restricted our ability to provide medicine and information out from our community. Paradoxically, regulations open up a wider highway which allows us to share the collective wisdom and medicine cultivated on the hill—bringing cannabis farmers right into homes throughout California and spreading education across the country and world. In 2018, expect to see the Grow Sisters on your screens, and in dispensaries, continuing to trail-blaze with integrity in this tumultuous emerging era of legalized Cannabis. ISSUE 01 66

1. This is t he way we roll.. 2. 3. MJ’s Creative Director Dane Diseth 4. What the Crutch? A Crutch is thick piece of paper folded, then rolled and placed in the mouthpiece to stabilize the end of a joint. When rolling, leave enough room at one end for the crutch and roll as usual. Crutches can be made from any scrap piece of junkmail postcard or purchased in designer prints. 5. 67 @MJLIFESTYLE

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