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MJ Lifestyle Issue 01 Digital


ISSUE 01 78 Black Light Weight Hi-Tech Jacket by MC PLANET, Raspberry Crop Zip-Front Stretch Linen Vest by Sarah Pacini, White Button Front Long Sleeve Seamed Blouse by MC PLANET, Pants by Sarah Pacini, Lace-up Shoes by Sarah Pacini.

THE CONSTANCE EFFECT INTERVIEW WITH CONSTANCE FINLEY BY SUMI SOHN-RIGLER FOREWARD + PHOTOGRAPHY BY JENNIFER SKOG STYLING BY MILI STARICCO HAIR + MAKEUP BY CAMILLE GOLDSTON Sitting in the back of a Women’s Cannabis Networking event, trying to stay awake after a long day, I suddenly find myself at the edge of my seat, peeking over heads to see the face behind such a powerfully charged voice speaking her truth. I looked over at my girlfriend wide-eyed. “We NEED Constance!” we said in complete unison. We drove in from the Bay, up the windy roads of the Richmond Hills to meet Constance at her home. She opened the door, timid and a bit uncertain. She welcomed us inside a home filled with an unexpected and eccentric style to go with her quirky personality. “So, you ladies are here for the senior citizens portion of your magazine?” Being incredibly sarcastic myself, I immediately connect with her sense of humor. The truth of the matter is that Constance is a badass. Out of the need to save her own life, she is leading the charge full speed ahead in Cannabis research & medicines. Her experience, expertise and tenacity is what makes her a woman unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met. She’s proof that we all have it in us to do something truly remarkable. 79 @MJLIFESTYLE

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