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MJ Lifestyle was established because the modern woman was not represented positively in the Cannabis Space. Did you have a similar experience? Yes. When I first started, I was very uncomfortable with where I could get Cannabis. These places were not made for me or [the typical] suburban soccer mom. I was afraid to use Cannabis as medicine because I thought anybody who used it was addicted. I was fine with two glasses of pinot every night but Cannabis had a stigma. I didn’t know that you could not become addicted because the physical mechanism is absent. What I wanted was exactly what my company grew to offer - a new product, miles away from the dark beginnings of Cannabis on the black market, the “wink wink nudge nudge” dispensary industry, something with standardization and no toxicity. “What I wanted was exactly what my company grew to offer—a new product, miles away from the dark beginnings of Cannabis on the black market” When did you decide to start using Cannabis to heal? You had to use very high doses, correct? In the beginning, I found incremental relief when I smoked a joint every night. No other pharmaceutical drugs helped at all. I tried 68 different drugs and none helped. I saw the benefits [of Cannabis] and accepted that it was helping, that there was a pathway. Next question was how can I do this safely and more effectively? I found that I needed very high potency to impact my inflammation and pain and my sleep. I had a very severe disease. And it turned out, serendipitously, that what worked for me also worked for cancer patients, according to their doctors. Can you tell us more about high potency using the whole plant? We changed the world with our potency. The first test of my products at Steep Hill Labs blew the personnel away. Before my product, CBD was maxing out around 3%. And we had 68% CBD; THC extract was 82%. Constance Therapeutics was unusual in using high potency and for developing extraction to achieve high potency in the first place. Later, a famous doctor, Dr. James W. Forsythe of Century Wellness Clinic, sent me the first 28 stage IV, second occurrence cancer patients and he said 96% got well in four months. They had very low probability of survival beforehand. That created a tremendous amount of excitement and attention to the higher potencies. It all started with me learning from my own situation and helping others referred by doctors with similar situations. How did you guide people through their own healing? Was it hard to handle such high potencies? Yes, I developed coaching along with the products. You have to attenuate very carefully at these high levels. We had to figure out how to take people up slowly so they wouldn’t become nauseous or dizzy. But in many cases the patients only had weeks or months to live so we were working against a clock. There were oncologists who called it “Cannabis chemo” but we found people wouldn’t comply if they were throwing up [and didn’t understand the process]. We developed coaching to help educate people and we were very successful in helping patients attenuate to high levels. Dr. Forsythe reported that 26 out of 28 patients went into remission. Are you treating with CBD only? And THC. Do NOT forget about THC. ISSUE 01 80

What do you think the medicinal Cannabis industry is going to do when recreational changes happen? Well, I don’t know. I think people see a lot of opportunity and also a lot of disruption. Opportunity is always disruption and there’s nothing as disruptive as Cannabis. The disrupters are being disrupted! I’ve been concerned. As in other pioneering industries, we’re seeing a real moment of flux- major consolidation and flush out for the industry, serious business people versus the imitaters. But I think it’s cool for us, as medicinal providers of high quality products, to get more market opportunity and a chance to serve people who aren’t just “out of options” but are simply trying to improve their lives. What changes have you seen take place in the Cannabis industry? In 2008, when I started, people asked me why I was doing this if it wasn’t going to make money. I was doing it to get well, not to get rich, but it’s all perspective. Because people weren’t able to make huge profit from a pound of Cannabis, they didn’t see it as profitable. But this industry was just beginning. Really it has been growing for a long time. Because California went legal for medicinal Cannabis in 1996, we’ve been an incubator for medicinal Cannabis companies. “CA regulations are capping doses at 2,000mg per package. That is ok for a “tourist” but right now the max for a cancer patient is around 39,000mg” One of my big concerns about the regulations (which by the way I am very excited about and a huge supporter of ) is they are capping doses at 2,000mg per package. That is ok for a “tourist” but right now the max for a cancer patient is around 39,000mg. So, this is a real issue. I’ve spoken with people at the Department of Health and they understand but it’s very tricky. True medicinal potencies could be driven out by the recreational shift. It’s an issue, a big issue, in California. 81 @MJLIFESTYLE

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