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Are there two separate

Are there two separate distinctions in place (medicinal and recreational) with different dosage limits set in California? Yes, they have set the recreational limit at 1,000mg and the medicinal at 2,000mg but that is just not high enough. We need to allow patients to have the dosing limits that are right for them. I see the regulators paying attention and trying to make some changes. There are some amazing people in California fighting to get the right regulations passed but they are navigating difficult arenas. We should support them and help educate them. We appreciate your positive voice in the face of such challenges. You’ve got to stay positive. We can’t stay frustrated, it’s important to always move forward and not stay stuck in a bad place. Constance Therapeutics was the first to standardize. Everybody else says they [standardize] but unless you’re working with known genetics, that is impossible. We standardize by weight to pharmaceutical standards. We have formulas that are based on percentages of certain strains and THC/ CBD percentages, specific formulas for certain disease states, and we did them by weight [like pharmacies] instead of by liquid [like the Cannabis industry]. Constance Therapeutics currently has the biggest library of Cannabis tests on standardized extracts. We intend to be a serious player in the global cannabis market! Do you find it challenging trying to get into other states? Well, we do have a licensee opening in Florida soon, but you know, it’s not like I just started this company. We have been here a long time and it’s always been like this. I’ve put a lot of energy into expanding globally and we’re starting to see it happen. Right now, instead of being frustrated, I’m really excited! I’m happy we have partners emerging in Israel, Europe, Canada, Hawaii and Colombia. It must be a relief for so many patients to start getting their medicine where they live. In the beginning 70% of our business was from out of state because they couldn’t get it anywhere else. People were coming from around the world to get our products. Did Cannabis change other parts of your life? Totally, totally. I was afraid Cannabis would change me and it did, but in ways that I didn’t expect and in ways that are good. It totally revamped my affiliation with other people. I had been very intellectual and afraid of being free with other people because of my own past experiences. Cannabis made me more transparent and more open, and the responses I got really shifted who I am and changed my personality defense structure. In the past, I would have been hesitant to give you my opinion. I would have been more entertaining of your opinion, wanting to make you feel good about what you were saying.. Cannabis has become so important to me- it has made me so much more transparent and direct, as has founding this company, having success and leading a team. And it’s not just Cannabis that changed me, but being able to help people and genuinely being able to offer people a better solution, and doing something better than anybody else was doing. It lit a fire inside. MJ couldn’t be more excited about the work you are doing. Did you use Cannabis before trying to heal yourself? I’d say I did it 4-8 times per year, socially. I wasn’t a Republican. But I thought if you bought it you probably had a problem and people could get addicted. I learned that our own government [the National Institute of Health] states that Cannabis is not addictive. And there’s no such thing as “Demotivation Syndrome” ISSUE 01 82

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