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Black Light Weight

Black Light Weight Hi-Tech Jacket by MC PLANET, Raspberry Crop Zip-Front Stretch Linen Vest by Sarah Pacini, White Button Front Long Sleeve Seamed Blouse by MC PLANET, Pants by Sarah Pacini, Lace-up Shoes by Sarah Pacini. Do you ever consume Cannabis recreationally? I have to use such high doses in order not to be an invalid and house-bound that I can’t really get stoned. I can feel mild differences in effect… But I have this thing that I want to do as a charity for cancer patients. I want to smoke Snoop Dogg under the table. YES! Oh hell yes! Let’s make this happen! I’m in if you can make it happen… “I want to smoke Snoop Dogg under the table.” What would you say to long-time consumers that no longer seem to feel the same affects as they once did? You just need to plump your receptors back up with a resistance break. What happens with the more THC you have, the more the receptors are like “Oh! we don’t have to do this”.. You just need to reset your body. It will probably be uncomfortable for a few days but you can do it. If cutting cold-turkey for two weeks is too difficult, try cutting your dose in half, and half again before cutting it out completely. What are your goals for the future? We have seriously ambitious goals, maybe saving the world if it’s not too late. Cannabis and Hemp are the best bioremediators known. Big goal: Use science and technology to turn mammals back to a plant-based medicine that doesn’t harm the world. We need to continue to look for opportunities that make sense. To shift the world to doing things that make more sense and right now we have a real chance. Cannabis has incredible magnetism. I opened the Canna Tech Conference in London a few weeks ago. They asked me to speak on the future of the plant. I said, listen, there’s about 450 people here that have traveled a long way to get here and spent a lot of money in a country where the plant can’t even enter the country. It can’t even be in the room with us but it pulled us here anyway. Think about that! Constance Therapeutics produces whole plant cannabis extracts as part of an integrative approach to treatment; this is the Constance Therapeutics difference. They provide physicians and their patients with expanded treatment options in cases where only pharmaceuticals may have been prescribed in the past. For more information please visit

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