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MADE IN CANADA EP INFUSIONS Infused Matcha Tea Chocolate (120 mg) If you love matcha and cannabis and chocolate, this is for you. Perfect for pain relief and micro-dosing. @ep_infusions FLEURS 100% Organic CBD Tea This is the perfect introductory product if you have never tried CBD. With WOKE, CLEAN and DOZE, you can use CBD daily and on-the-go. @fleurs_tea PHOTOGRAPHY BY VEE @FALLFORVEE Cannabis is my medicine. Cannabis is my quality of life. I discovered this medicinal plant about two years ago when nothing else worked for me. I couldn’t walk most days and needed help with simple tasks such as undressing myself or even cooking and showering. Losing my mobility meant I lost a sense of who I was; that I couldn’t be active or do all the things that once were considered my emotional and physical outlets. My name is Vee and I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, a form of autoimmune and inflammatory arthritis that attacks the spine, and I also live with mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety every day. Cannabis has allowed me to reconnect with the creativity I thought I had lost. My being was so defined by athletics that my ideas were buried deeply, which really repressed who I truly was. Cannabis allows me to be patient with myself, to have the confidence to try new things and to ultimately forge my ideas. It allows me to medicate how I want and when I want, and I consider it as part of my daily self-care routine. I truly believe there is something absolutely inspiring about being in control of your own self, about being conscious of yourself, but also of the earth and the environment. Choosing this plant means being patient and understanding with yourself and the choices you make. It means feeling empowered by nature and by your own body; it means falling in love with yourself first. And with self-love comes the ability to cherish others and to cherish diversity. To love life, to appreciate the little things and to appreciate other women for what they truly are, so strong and so resilient. To be proud of our imperfections and of our flaws because it’s what makes us who we are today. I’ve always said that cannabis is about community and the last two years have proven as such. I want other women to know it’s okay to choose cannabis as an alternative form of medicine because it changed everything for me. I was able to get off all pain medication, which included opioids, with the help of cannabis and this is something I am so so proud of. If this means I can help other women going through similar struggles, then I know my life will have been worth it. The future is female and it excites me! xo, Vee Cannabis Portrait Artist Prince Edward Island, Canada ALAIR Rechargeable CO2 Extracted Pen So discreet, small and odourless, I’m able to carry this pen everywhere I go. It fits right in the palm of my hand and I can just whip it out when I’m in pain or feel anxious. @alairvaporizers PLEASURE PEAKS Tantric Personal Lubricants – water-based As a woman, I prefer water-based lubes because I’m very sensitive down there. Cannabis is deeply rooted in sexuality & sensuality. @pleasure_peaks MAÏTRI TM Veda Pipe, Hemp Wick & Kanura Jar Maïtri is a contemporary lifestyle cannabis brand from the province of Quebec, which is where I was born and raised and offers my favourite accessories @staymaitri CALYX Calm CBD Spray If you have anxiety, this CBD spray infused with peppermint if perfect for you and is the perfect addition to my cannabinoid therapy. @calyxwellness BRENNAN MICHAEL Pineapple Pine Candle To hide the smell of cannabis when your folks show up unannounced or just because it reminds you of Pineapple Express! @brennanmichael ISSUE 01 96

AN INTERVIEW WITH CERAMIST & OWNER OF STONEDWARE ARIEL ZIMMAN SAVES HER PASSION BY CREATING A BUSINESS FROM Higher Art PHOTOGRAPHER JENNIFER SKOG WHAT WERE YOU LIKE AS A YOUNG GIRL? WHAT DID YOU DREAM OF BECOMING? I’ve been an art nerd since I was old enough to hold a Crayola! I wanted to do every single arts and craft project that existed as a kid (and still!), from markers and paints to bead work and sculpie clay, if it was bright and colorful I wanted to create with it. I’ve always loved getting my hands dirty and using them to make something from nothing. When I was little I wanted to be a teacher and since then I’ve worked numerous jobs that have helped me realize ceramics is really my passion and utilizing my creative process is how I want to spend my time. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN CREATING FOR? WHOSE WORK HAS HAD THE BIGGEST INFLUENCE ON YOUR ART? I’ve been a maker / creative my entire life, I don’t think I could stop if I tried! I find inspiration in so many different places and forms. Fine artists that have influenced my approach to creating and thinking about my work would have to be Tara Donovan, Anish Kapoor, Roy Lichtenstein and Wassily Kandinsky, to name a few. DO YOU CREATE IN ANY OTHER MEDIUMS? I’ve dabbled in a lot of other mediums from photography to woodworking and welding, but I have always made my way back to clay. I have an undeniable connection to the material and feel like there is still so much to learn, even after 20 years of working with it, that keeps the medium new, exciting and challenging. Every once in awhile I’ll whip out a big drawing pad and some markers for doodle time. WHEN DID YOU DECIDE TO INCORPORATE CANNABIS WITH YOUR ARTWORK? In 2015, after several years of running my first business in ceramic home decor, I had an “ah-ha” moment and decided that as a maker I had the ability to make a pipe that not only functioned well, but also looked great on your coffee table. YOUR CREATIONS HAVE DRAWN IN A CULT-LIKE FOLLOWING ON SOCIAL MEDIA, ANY TIPS FOR WOMEN JUST STARTING OUT WITH THEIR BUSINESSES? Haha, I had a pretty clear vision for the brand, so I try to stay true to that aesthetic and I think a lot of other people, particularly ladies, identify with it and are excited to see that Cannabis can be chic and fit in with your lifestyle. The best advise I can give to anyone is work really f*cking hard and in the words of my big brother that I use as a daily mantra “You only fail if you give up.” HOW IS CANNABIS INVOLVED IN YOUR DAILY LIFE? HAVE YOU ALWAYS BEEN OPEN ABOUT YOUR CONSUMPTION & ADVOCACY? Since starting to smoke in college my consumption levels have gone through waves, from a daily “wake and bake” all day user to currently a few times a week smoker. I’ve always felt more comfortable smoking Cannabis than drinking but I grew up in a pretty traditional family where I was taught “don’t do drugs, weed is a drug, don’t do drugs.” So, it absolutely took me awhile to be open about my consumption with some friends and my family for fear of judgment, but with time and the growing social awareness I am now much more emboldened to share my own story and enable others to do the same. Normalization and education is a huge part of why I feel excited to be working in the field. @MJLIFESTYLE 97

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