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FAMUAID 2018 GALA Program

SA+ET Celebrating Women in Construction-Electronics-Technology

Mission To Cultivate

Mission To Cultivate Resources for Engineers to Achieve Technological Excellence by Bringing Industry in the Classroom via Science Technology Engineering & Math while enhancing professional development and business acumen through our Alumni, Partners and Friends for success. “Celebrating Women in Construction “ -Electronics-Technology” “Bringing Industry in the 0 ∞ ∞ 4 ∞ ∞ 3

Message from the Chairman Dear Alumni, Partners, & Friends: Welcome to our A.C.E. Alumni Industry Day 11th Year Gala and Awards Banquet Celebrating Women in Construction, Electronics and Technology! This Awards Banquet provides the opportunity for Architecture and Engineering Technology students and alumni to be recognized for their hard work and achievements made during the school year at Florida A&M University. A mission and goal of A.C.E. Alumni Industry Day is to C.R.E.A.T.E. (Cultivate Resources for Engineers to Achieve Technological Excellence) while “Bringing Industry to the Classroom” to improve their outlook on the current architecture, construction and electronic industry through professional development. The Women we recognize tonight continue the great legacy of excelling in industries traditional dominated by men in construction, electronics and engineering technology. We are excited and proud to be a part of recognizing these exceptional professionals and students who are and on their way to be leaders of industries throughout the world. Thank you for your continued support. Respectfully, Anthony Rodgers Chairman, A.C.E. Alumni Industry Day Classroom “Bringing to CREATE” Industry in the Classroom to CREATE” ∞ ∞ 5 ∞