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Estela Magazine: Issue XXIX Cover 1

SS18 Fashion Issue | Cover 1 featuring Madame Methven Issue XXIX @estelamag

diamond, other

diamond, other gemstones, or unbreakable objects that reflects an ampleness of light. This design is a bespoke black venetian style hand beaded lace bra and pantie set consisting of luminous diamond silhouettes. The creations price ranges from $200,000 – $1.5 million depending of the qualities of stones, fabrics, etc. This masterpiece is perfect for special occasions and made for any woman who wants to shine bright in the bedroom and be the main attraction for that unbreakable experience. If you dare to fall in love again, experience the real pleasure of the Adamantine by Madame Methven. Describe the woman that wears Madame Methven. MM: Madame Methven is for all women. Women can live through each collection in which their sensual desires will never go unmet. With every piece, there is always a new beginning to unlimited experiences. This gives women the opportunity to determine their power and sensual persuasion due to the exquisite manipulation of artistic lingerie. Along with enchanting fashion shows and risqué’ photoshoots, Madame Methven is a brand that extrudes dreaming and the art of storytelling. The collections consistently set the mood for upcoming seasons. Our brand is visually penetrating with a unique identity and historical background of elegance. Madame Methven is eye catching and breathes Baroque Renaissance with a striking dominatrix twist, seizing everyone’s desires. Madame Methven is TIMELESS. What’s next for you? MM: I am constantly creating new content for the brand. As previously stated, my creativity has no limits. From magazine spreads to runways, we will dominate the lingerie industry. While empowering women and playing on baroque renaissance, I will continue to embed the art of story telling through my intricate designs. Stay tuned for all that Madame Methven has to offer! 46 | ESTELA

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