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Estela Magazine: Issue XXIX Cover 2

SS18 Fashion Issue | Cover 2 featuring Runa Ray Issue XXIX @estelamag

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Tell us about your SS18 collection; what’s the inspiration behind it? What is the mission statement? MM: My SS18 collection was inspired by the mythological and sexual history of Roman and Greek goddesses. The collection is called Greek Mythology Downtown LA. My brand identity is one that is timeless; heavily Baroque Renaissance and The Venice Carnival inspired. In this collection, I added a modern twist of Downtown LA with the incredible love stories of Greek Mythology. My entire brand is about falling in love again. Most women fall in love and think to themselves, “It’s never going to happen again.” If we study the history of Greek goddesses and the correlation they have to the world and each other, we would know that love, art, and passion are inevitable emotions that a woman will feel often in her life. It brings me back to believing every person in this world can find love. That’s what my lingerie is all about; falling in love repeatedly. I really want to make a clear statement to all women out there that no matter what size, shape, or ethnicity you are, heartbroken or not, you are empowered by Madame Methven. My custom lingerie pieces are tailored to speak intensely through the heart. Each piece has a story for you to learn about and live through. Have any of the current trends influenced this collection? MM: Yes, the brand name is Madame Methven of course! We never change the identity of the brand. We love for everything to be over the top; especially my Made to Adore collection. I always keep an eye out for what’s trending for business purposes and my own personal style. For example, body suits are everywhere right now. They’re easy for women to throw on with jeans, skirts, cargo pants, and just about anything. You can dress them up or down for any occasion! I most definitely add extra cleavage in bodysuits. Ultimately, I would love for Madame Methven to start trends that all women follow! What was your creative process like? Were there any obstacles you were faced with while creating? MM: My creative process is amazing. Working in my Atelier with my team, I design the fabrics, I do the draping on the mannequins while listening to opera and drinking a glass of my favorite wine. My creativity is endless. I don’t usually get creators’ block and neither does my team. The only challenges I face is when people work slower than my liking. My main problem as a workaholic is waiting on others to produce quickly and efficiently. I face many challenges throughout my day from production, to technical, and personal matters. It’s nothing too major because at Madame Methven, things are 99.9 percent in control. I have structured my business this way to stay effective and efficient, while bringing the world’s most luxurious lingerie to life. Which piece or look is your personal favorite? MM: My favorite and most expensive product that I’ve created is The Adamantine (Adda-man-teen). The Adamantine, additionally referred to as Adamant, is a hard substance whether composed of ESTELA | 45