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LEAPS DOGS FOR ADOPTION RESCUED IS OUR FAVOURITE BREED FLAFFIE RILEY LILLY BEN CATS WITH INTRO GENDER - MALE AGE - 2 YEARS OLD STERILISED SOCIALISED WITH DOGS NOT USED TO CATS AGE : 4 YEARS OLD GENDER : MALE GOOD WITH DOGS CATS TO BE INTRODUCED FINE WITH PEOPLE AND CHILDREN AGE : 7 YEARS OLD GENDER : FEMALE STERILISED NO CATS OR CHILDREN NEEDS TO BE AN ONLY DOG IN A QUIET ENVIRONMENT FINE WITH DOGS AGE : 3 YEARS OLD GENDER : MALE STERILISED WELL SUITED WITH A TIMID FEMALE DOG CATS WITH INTRO homeless people who could not look after her. Flaffie was rescued from owners that left him to die covered in fleas and ticks. He is a very loving boy who seeks approval for everything Riley is a big dog. Good with dogs but we are not sure about cats. He is a dominant male and best suited with a timid female dog. Needs a secure yard Lilly was handed to us when her family was evicted and could not take her with, she can be a bit territorial and overprotective of my human. So we need a special home with a caring and patient person who does not have kids or kitties. Handsome Ben is an absolute darling. Like any young doggy, he is playful and active. He is better suited to older children who respect animals.

LEAPS DOGS FOR ADOPTION RESCUED IS OUR FAVOURITE BREED BULLET AGE: 2-3 YEARS OLD GENDER: MALE STERILISED GOOD WITH PEOPLE AND DOGS Bullet was found with a wire tied round his neck and still has a scar from it. He has a gentle personality and loves people and children, he will be a fantastic family dog. CATS - NO ROMEO AGE : 2 YEARS OLD GENDER : MALE NOT KEEN ON DOGS OR CATS LIKES PEOPLE He was running loose in the area, and the community were throwing stones at him. When we rescued him he was so timid, but is coming out of his shell and loves the attention of people. JUMBO MARVEL AGE : 6 YEARS OLD GENDER : MALE OK WITH DOGS UNDER SUPERVISION HAS BEEN INTRODUCED TO A CAT AND IS FINE GOOD WITH PEOPLE AGE: 1 YEAR OLD GENDER: MALE STERILISED OK WITH DOGS CATS NEEDS AN INTRO Jumbo had severe mange and rescued by our fieldworker in Lamberts bay and continued good nutrition and medication this boy has made a remarkable recovery. He is a gentle natured boy with a good natured disposition He was very sick when our lady found him, she nursed him back to health and now needs a home.