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LEAPS DOGS FOR ADOPTION RESCUED IS OUR FAVOURITE BREED MOLLY GENDER – FEMALE AGE 3-4 YEAR OLD STERILISED GREAT WITH OTHER DOGS AND She has been an only dog and needs to be introduced to others, she was with another dog but some time ago. Molly is the kind of dog that wants to please. VERY CHILLED GRACE PENNY BELLA AGE : 1 YEAR OLD GENDER : FEMALE STERILISED GOOD WITH DOGS AND PEOPLE CATS SHE LIKES TO CHASE AGE : 5 MONTHS OLD GENDER : FEMALE GOOD WITH DOGS, CATS PEOPLE AND CHILDREN AGE : 9 MONTHS GENDER : FEMALE STERILISED GOOD WITH DOGS, CATS LOVES CHILDREN Grace was found as a stray, we named her after her angel that found her. She was very thin and sickly, she had a split pallet, which has healed now. Grace has learnt to sit and she responds to her name, her foster mom says that she is an absolute joy to have around, and her intelligence is astounding. Penny was found wandering the streets looking for a tidbit to chew, she was covered in mange and very thing. This delightful little puppy has made a remarkable recovery and ready for her new home. She loves tug toys and running and playing. She is an absolute sweetheart. Bella met a cat for the first time at her new foster home, she was absolutely terrified, but after an hour she was well friends with the kitty. She is a happy carefree puppy and loves children, dogs and now cats too.

LEAPS DOGS FOR ADOPTION RESCUED IS OUR FAVOURITE BREED SAMSON & DELILAH MUFASA ALFIE BELLA AGE : 4 YEARS OLD GENDER : MALE & FEMALE STERILISED GOOD WITH DOGS CATS WITH INTRO SMALL CHILDREN NOT FOR THEM AGE: 5 YEARS GENDER: MALE NOT STERILISED GOOD WITH DOGS AND PEOPLE TEST WITH CATS FIRST AGE: 4 YEARS GENDER: MALE STERILISED NEEDS A SECURE YARD GOOD WITH DOGS TEST ON CATS FIRST AGE : 6 YEARS GENDER : FEMALE STERILISED GOOD WITH DOGS TEST WITH CATS FIRST Poor Samson and Delilah have been living in kennels since they were rescued about 8 months ago. They are very attached and protective of each other He is a medium to large crossbreed that was found on the side of the road. He appears to be blind in one eye or has only partial sighted in that eye. He appeared to have been hit by a car but is fit now. He is a sweetie who did not trust us at all at first but we quickly won his trust. Alfie is a Japanese Shiba Inu dog - a Spitz dog. He is a medium light tanned boy. Shiba inus are a breed that needs to be understood. They are highly intelligent and Alfie is to a T. He does jump over 1.8m high fences. Bella is an American bulldog who is extremely strong. She needs a special home where they understand the breed. She is a love but can push her weight around a bit. She needs regular walks. She needs a firm but loving hand and preferably someone who would take the time and effort to train her.