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Vanguard Newspaper 15 April 2018


PAGE 44 — SUNDAY Vanguard, APRIL 15, 2018 Viewpoint By Pius Ovbije VIEWPOINT IN BRIEF A clarion call WHEN I take a graphic look and do not see some persons that were our men and women anymore in the PDP political ship, I ask, what happened? When we hear the reasons adduced by many of them who have STEPPED ASIDE from the umbrella, I cannot but say that the human attitude leaves much to be desired. It is sad to note that many of those who have defected from the revered Peoples Democratic Party have left on account of having not benefited anything from the party, but is that really true? Or have left on account of not having their next political ambition granted immediately? But the big question is, how possible is it for you to be the one next on the line always? If you take a thorough study of many of those who have left, the question that comes to mind is, were they the commoners, were they the down trodden? The answer again is no! Rather, many of them were those who had got one juicy appointment or the other, they were those whose lives have been transformed from the low class to higher societal inner room; as a matter of fact, with some from prison to the presidential seat of power. Conversely, today, they have left PDP: Time for defectors to return and gone out there with the microphone of campaign of calumny that PDP is a terrible party, all because they seek relevance in their new political camp. How ungrateful, how unjust will you treat PDP in that manner? To move into a new political party and gain recognition almost immediately, two factors are involved: One, the persons must have been self-made financially and, two, must have had political positions/ appointments in the previous party. The question is, how many of them who have left for those new found parties were actually selfmade without PDP blessing? WHAT COULD BE WRONG? In this view, one deduce in their action absolute lack of conscience, a ravaging insatiable spirit, the craze/crave for perpetual grip of power and indeed a seeming inordinate ambition for position of authority and wealth without any intent to relinquish for others to feel. OTHERWISE, how justified it is for someone who had through the PDP being a councilor, chairman local government, commissioner, an executive assistant to the governor, governor, a minister, an ambassador, or having been a national or state law maker and worst still a President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria all to SUDDEN- LY make a u-turn and begin to castigate with venomous aspersions on the PDP that has made them to attain such height ?. Is it not an open display of treachery, is it not the height of inhumanity towards others, is it not an indication of abysmal dishonesty and betrayal that needed to be properly checked even by those they have going to meet in their new parties? If the reason you are quitting PDP is because you could not get something bigger, how are you sure you will get it in your new party? In your so-called new found party, are there no keen competitors who may even be smarter, richer or more influential? If everybody must run away for want of something, are you sure those who had invested in the new found parties will allow you get the best when their input over the years have not yet got a commensurate dividend? Or do you think the people you met on ground who have labored assiduously to keep the flag of their party flying will take you as seriously having noticed that you had benefited so much in your old party, the PDP, and still dumped it? Won’t they see you as an insincere person, a political gold-digger or an interloper? If as a party man, you run away because your party is failing or has failed you, invariably you have carried along with you failures and heap of unsettled debts into the new party you have run into because one day, circumstances and situations that are so frustrating will certainly arise in your new found party. And because you have refused to stay in your first place and tackle the problems that emanated therein, it is obvious that, one day you will still run away from that so called interventionist party no matter what. THAT IS WHY TO- DAY, THE ISSUE OF THIRD FORCE HAS ARISEN ! Politics of exclusion, imposition of candidates are some of the alleged reasons for quitting the PDP; failure to adopt popular opinion or even give room to them to prevail at conventions and congresses; failure to embark on proper consultations to all stakeholders before taking critical decisions binding on all members; giving appointments to undeserving persons and so on are all part of reasons for quitting. But as a matter of fact, are these same challenges not ravaging the alternative parties today? Despite all the accusation leveled against PDP on its inability to deliver on the economy by the agents of the then pro-interventionist party and for which they had dumped PDP after immense benefit and aligned with the then opposition forces to form a new party, are they not here again seeking a third alternative? But how many alternatives can they really seek? In clear terms, it is evident that there is insatiability, undue crave for power etc by some collective few to rotate power among themselves and not a sincere DESIRE TO SERVE THE PEOPLE ! Therefore, we as a PDP family, let us re-unite and find solutions to the inherent problems rather than keep looking outside for an alternative party or platform. Redemption is within us, not in any other force or alternative party. At this juncture, there is an unconditional need for all those who have left the party to come back. Like a father who has built a compound he would not abandon his home for somewhere else because the roofs are beginning to leak or the walls getting cracked. What should rather be done is planning re-roofing and amending the walls. WE therefore want to use this platform, this august meeting of the Delta Political Vanguard to beckon on all persons who felt aggrieved one way or the other to stage a comeback. No other political party has it all. * Ovbije is DESOPADEC Commissioner for Ugh North, Ethiope East & Urhobos in Patani; he is also the Delta Central Director of Delta Political Vanguard, DPV. By Steve Alabi VIEWPOINT IN BRIEF Another opportunity THERE was once, in the recent history of Ekiti State, when an administration deliberately set out to ignite genuine sports development of a creative and mass dimension involving young people at the earliest moments of formal learning. Between 2007 and 2010, when Chief Segun Oni held sway as the helmsman of the state, a holistic system that grounded creative sports development in a synergy with an improved delivery of educational opportunities was emplaced. The whole idea was to direct a complete development of the entire faculties of each child to enable him reach his fullest potentials. The all-encompassing programme addressed all the challenges an average Ekiti child, whether he was of rich or poor background, faced. Opportunities provided by the state were equalized for every child no matter his social status. Before launching its sports initiatives, the Oni administration introduced eggs and chocolate as a daily school menu for all children as a way of enhancing their nutritional intake. It recognized the value of nutrition in the physical and mental development of By Soyombo Opeyemi VIEWPOINT IN BRIEF Mission to rebuild on course IT was another historic day in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital on Friday, April 13, 2018. One thousand (1000) rural women from the three senatorial districts of the state received ten thousand (10,000) Noiler chickens under the state government’s women empowerment programme in collaboration with the British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation. Agriculture, in simple terms, is defined as planting of crops and rearing of animals. Nigeria is essentially an agrarian society with over 70 per cent of the farming population being small holder farmers. The peasant farmers, especially in this part of the country, till the land. They mostly keep fowls and animals as pets, hardly constituting a source of food. The current initiative of the state government will be an added impetus to its massive investments in Segun Oni and the sports revolution we missed children and sought to banish lack of nutrition from affecting the growth of the children whether their parents could afford it or not. Oni rightly reckoned that if a child was well fed and did not lack the required nutrition, it would be easier for such to learn and recreate to the best of his ability. Even with this well thought out nutritional support, Oni did not leave sports development to the vagaries of the interest or otherwise of the ubiquitous Games Master who himself may not possess the knowledge and drive to properly expose students to modern talent discovery and development tactics. He tackled the matter from every conceivable angle, from the provision of needed sports infrastructure and equipment to the upgrading of the state’s radio and television services to give broadcast coverage and encouragement to the sports revolution. Oni upgraded the pitch and tracks of the Oluyemi Kayode Stadium, Ado-Ekiti to international standards and built world class hard courts at the Fountain Hotel complex in readiness for the take-off of the sports revolution. He ordered the digitalization of the state’s radio and television services complete with an Outside Broadcast Van capable of covering events live from any part of the state. Oni then brought in internationally acclaimed coaches with rich and practical experiences in talent hunt and development, tactics and techniques. Chief Adegboye Onigbinde, the widely acclaimed FIFA Technician and former Super Eagles gaffer who has a rich pedigree in grassroots soccer development was brought in to handle football. Amelia Edet, former head coach of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria and holder of the IAAF Veteran Pin, was engaged to take charge of athletics. A veteran tennis coach of varied and wide experience, Uncle Abbey, was persuaded to leave his lucrative coaching job in the United States and assigned to discover and nurture tennis stars. These three experts targeted Games Masters as the pivot of this sports revolution. In the new scheme, Games Masters would no longer be generalists. With the training they received, they became specialists assigned to handle clusters of schools in specific sports. Competitions were set up at three levels, primary, junior and senior school levels similar to the Principals’ Cup tournaments of Boosting rural agriculture in Ogun Mission to Rebuild Ogun State is clearly on course and this government will not be distracted by the propaganda from the camp of the opposition the sector. To mention a few somewhat in parenthesis, the Ibikunle Amosun administration invested in heavy landclearing equipment in a scale never witnessed in the annals of the state in 2013. Just recently, another investment was made on farm machinery. Hundreds of acres of land have been cultivated. More hectares are being cleared for rice production after the successful launch of MITROS Rice last December, turning Ogun to a rice-producing state in the country. Many private investors are making their presence felt in the sector with thousands of direct and indirect employment generated. With the encouragement from government, many rural farms have been established and hundreds of agriculture cooperative societies have benefited from the Commercial Agric Loan of the state government. In one year alone, the Ogun State government produced and sold one million cocoa seedlings to farmers at highly subsidized rate in order to reinvigorate the industry. 70 hectares of Cassava Multiplication Plantation were cultivated for the generation of cassava cuttings that meet industrial and nutritional needs of the popu- old. From these competitions, each local government selected its elite team to represent it as that local government’s All Stars team. This was where the state’s radio and television services came in. Oni wanted the initiative to become so popular among the people that he ordered the digitalization of the Broadcasting Service of Ekiti State (BSES) in 2009 and got it completed the following year. In addition to the daily nutritional support for all school children, the ones identified as sports prospects got direct supplementary feeding from the government. The essence of all these was to produce from the nooks and crannies of Ekiti State new Kayode Oluyemis and Olusoji Fasubas, two of the greatest athletes Nigeria has ever produced. Of the ten Nigeria-born athletes who have run the 100 metres under 10 seconds, the brightest of them all, Olusoji Fasuba is from Ekiti, specifically from Ado-Ekiti. Notable also is the fact that Oluyemi Kayode, who was the first leg of the historic silverwinning Nigerian relay quartet at Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games and who, but for his untimely death as he neared his prime, would probably lace. The state government equally built model Farm Estates with modern houses in order to encourage graduates of Agriculture and allied disciplines to practice and make the sector attractive to youths. According to the state government, the 10,000 Noiler-chicken empowerment programme “is aimed at making our rural women self-reliant, economically independent, have positive self-esteem and build confidence to face any difficult situation that may come their way.” It fills you with some nostalgia and quite exhilarating was the sight of hundreds of rural women with the locally made chicken cages. “Amosun is a governor of the masses,” one of them declared, grinning from ear to ear. “This has not happened in the history of this state,” another woman enthused. In comparison with the local breed, the Noiler chicken is a dual purpose have run the 100 metres under 10 seconds, came from Ado-Ekiti too. It is therefore arguable that there is a gene in the physical make-up of people from Ekiti, and Ado-Ekiti in particular that breeds athletic prowess. But such can only be developed when and if systematic approach to sports development that Oni introduced in his first tenure is adopted and sustained. As Oni himself put it, “Ekiti’s sports talents deserve to be fished out and developed. We put this initiative in place that time because we had our eyes on the future. Yes, we could have purchased a few sports victories but it would not have helped our youths to discover their latent talents. We are wasting talents by not discovering them. I’m obsessed with developing our future. And I would do it all over again.” This is the sports revolution that Ekiti missed seven years ago. Imagine what mighty fruits would have been harvested since if the revolution had not been halted. The good thing is that Oni still has the fire in him to deliver this revolution. With his declaration to vie again for the position of Governor, the youths of Ekiti State have another opportunity to reignite this revolution and bring it to full fruition this time around. *Alabi, a former SWAN President, is resident in Ado-Ekiti. bird. When fully grown, it’s twice the size of the local fowl and lays three to four times the number of eggs of the local breed. In no time, the 10,000 birds will become hundreds of thousands. The multi-colour Noiler breed is a product of cross breeding of the broiler and cockrel chickens. There is no doubt the project will raise the profile of animal husbandry in the state, improve the protein content of the local dwellers and generally raise the standard of living, especially in our local communities. Of course, the few arm-chair critics continue to have their say while the good people of Ogun State continue to enjoy the Ibikunle Amosun administration, which they overwhelmingly voted into office. The Mission to Rebuild Ogun State is clearly on course and this government will not be distracted by the propaganda from the camp of the opposition. *Opeyemi writes from Abeokuta via

Viewpoint By Michael Tidi Celebrating Otuaro at 50 TRBUTE IN BRIEF A pride to his people I found it most instructive of recent when the Governor of Delta State, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, described his deputy, Dcn (Barr.) Kingsley Burutu Otuaro, as a choice God had made for him, going further to note Otuaro’s contribution to peacebuilding across the state, quite apart from his other sterling credentials as an able deputy. Such encomium coming from one’s boss is a fitting reward to a deputy whose hallmarks remain his fierce loyalty and undiluted commitment to the vision of his principal. Indeed, in light of Otuaro’s abiding passion for service to the people, it is most heartwarming that such disposition on his part places him in remarkable sync with Governor Okowa, whose fixation on the good of the common man sets him apart, any time, any day as a true man of the people. Having clearly found in his deputy, a most valuable Indeed, as a leader in the pan-Deltan mould of Governor Okowa, Otuaro is a pride to the entire state and not just to Delta South asset in peace-building and the democratic pacification of restive hotspots, especially in the riverine flank of the state, it is to me quite fitting that Governor Okowa confidently deployed his go-getting deputy to anchor the restoration of peace to the oilproducing areas of the Delta. Deputy Governor Otuaro, who was born on April 16, 1968 in Oporoza, Warri South-West Local Government Area, Delta State is a scholar, lawyer, writer, community builder, peace advocate and public administrator of truly enviable credentials. Having excelled greatly in virtually every position he has ever manned, it was for many, who truly know him, no surprise at all, that Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, the then PDP gubernatorial candidate found him worthy to be his running mate in the 2015 election in Delta State, an election they won with a quantum leap far and above their opponents. Deacon Otuaro is a study on how much can be packed into an impactful life to the glory of God and the good of mankind. As motivator per excellence in the areas of education, community development, economic empowerment, peace building and bridge building across ethnic groups, it is as if the Deputy Governor has irrevocably committed himself to the utilization of absolutely every capability Heaven has graciously bestowed upon him for the good of his fellowmen. As a matter of fact, Otuaro’s life has been a testament to SUNDAY Vanguard, APRIL 15, 2018, PAGE 45 potential actualization. Ever the workaholic and apostle of continuous self-improvement, His Excellency has made it his life mission to add value to the lives of others even as he tirelessly forges ahead in making the utmost of the talents the Almighty has been gracious enough to endow him with. A visit to the Deputy Governor in his domestic environment will provide anyone with an eye-opening insight into the sterling character and remarkable personality of Deacon Otuaro. One is likely to find a motley crowd of persons high and low, young and old, new friends he welcomes with open arms and an open mind, as well as, those His Excellency has known all his life and has studiously refused to discard now that he has risen to high office as certain Nigerian politicians are notorious for doing. If you weren’t adequately familiar with Deacon Otuaro before going to his house, you would not know who the Deputy Governor of Delta is amongst those you meet there, given his astonishing ability for making ev- eryone feel at home. As we look forward to many more Happy Birthdays for His Excellency, we are quite satisfied that at his golden jubilee, the lawyer, academician and administrator in Otuaro is indeed a colossus of public spiritedness and palpable communality. Effortlessly remaining humble, and ever preferring to ascribe every achievement in his life to God, his Creator, Otuaro will always be to me and many others like me, a mentor we will always be deeply proud of. Indeed for many of us who know him well, our gratitude will always go to God for raising a leader of Otuaro’s pedigree amongst us thus affording us the opportunity of being close to a man of towering personality yet awe-inspiring humility. Indeed, as a leader in the pan- Deltan mould of Governor Okowa, Otuaro is a pride to the entire state and not just to Delta South. Tidi, Executive Chairman, Warri South LGA, writes from Warri. By Femi Salako VIEWPOINT IN BRIEF The man the cap fits The mention of Arch. Richard Olajide Adejuyigbe would cause outpouring of praises as a result of his outstanding record in public service and profound humanitarian activities. Even now that he is in the ring to contest the forthcoming House of Representatives election in his Akure constituency, his popularity and admiration seem to have grown bigger. For those who haven’t followed his strides, Adejuyigbe was Ondo State Commissioner for Education. As Commissioner, he worked very hard to reverse the negative trends in the educational sector of Ondo, thereby restoring the state to her place of pride in education. Students from By Yinka Ajayi A governorship aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon. Muyiwa Coker, has explained why he is in the race. According to Coker, he wants to use the office of governor to better the lot of Ekiti people. Coker spoke during his tour of the 16 local government areas of the state to meet with party members during which he presented his agenda. The governorship election holds in July. A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and stock market trader, he disclosed that he was in contact with some partners working with the United Nations on the establishment of an integrated agricultural initiative specially tailored for Ekiti. “We plan to establish mechanized farms which would process farm produce for consumption by our people and create employment and wealth. We hope to provide jobs for at least 25, 000 youths immediately the project kicks off. We need 200,000 hectares of land from each of the 16 LGAs for this project”, the aspirant told the APC members. The governorship contender also spoke of plans to revive the educational sector of Ekiti with massive investments from partners in the United Nations already on ground in Nigeria and working in Ogun”. 2019: Adejuyigbe and the battle for Akure 2018: Why I want to be Ekiti governor – Muyiwa Coker, APC aspirant “Presently, no one can say how much Ekiti is making as IGR. I plan to get a definitive figure which is hoped to be improved on so as to deliver democratic dividends to Ekiti people. “As governor, I will enforce a policy that all political appointees must attend ward meetings at least once a month, so as to keep them abreast of happenings at the grassroots, which, on the long run, will help us in general administration. “There are 48 months in the four-year tenure of the governor. I plan, as governor, to shift the seat of government to each of the LG councils for a month at a time, so as to know what the problems in those local councils are and also create an avenue to open up those local councils and the towns for investment opportunities from visitors and business people coming into Ekiti to see the governor or do government business. “There would be no political appointee that would be sworn into office without a letter of clearance from his ward; this is to make government appointees know and be familiar with their people in the ward. We do not want any ex-this or ex-that to come with people from Toronto or America to be imposed on us, it i’s a strategy to say no, so that the state, during his time, emerged the best and second best candidates in West African Examinations Council (WAEC) while an indigene and a product of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba- Akoko excelled as the overall best student in the Nigerian Law School. World class edifices that are well stuffed with books and computers now dot the land scape. These and many more stand Adejuyigbe out as the obvious choice for the award of the Best Ondo State Public Servant on Education. It can be emphasized that former Governor Olusegun Mimiko made the best choice in the overall educational interest of Ondo when he appointed Adejuyigbe as Commissioner for Education on June 17, 2013. It is manifestly clear that things have never been the same in the educational sector of Ondo since that time. Before his coming, the educational rating of the state in external examinations and performance ratings left much to be desired.This evinced the fact that Adejuyigbe is indeed a prepared mind that made the best of the given opportunity to serve Ondo. An architect who trained at University of Nigeria, Nsukka, he bagged a Second Class Upper Division in 1983 and became - a registered architect in 1986. He earlier attended the Federal Government College, Ilorin for his Advanced INTERVIEW As a trained stock exchange trader, there are lots of instruments that we can play with to offset our debt that will benefit the state on the long run. Muyiwa Coker you people will have a place in government, the issue of clearance from the wards will not affect people like you because we know you all already”. On infrastructural development, he told the party members: “We need to think of how to make things better in Ekiti and there are towns and villages in the state that I know when I was a little boy that are still the same way they were 40 years ago. We need to start thinking out of the box. We need to think of how we can make money for Ekiti without collecting money from the federal government. There are lots of resources in Ekiti that can spin lots of money for the general well-being of the people. All we need to do is work together with one mind. The time to work is now. We need to use our votes to change the way things are in Ekiti. Politicians will come with money to induce you. You must always remember the future our state and of your children. Use your votes and use them right, vote for credible candidates; Ekiti needs to come back to God. If a government in power is not good, know that the people in power are not close to God, we need prayers for our state. My coming into politics is to harness Level Certificate in Education. The budding potentials of excellence in Adejuyigbe were first spotted by Mimiko on August 29, 2011 when he was appointed the Caretaker Chairman of Akure South Local Government. Adejuyigbe’s outstanding performance earned him political promotion as Commissioner for Education. Adejuyigbe is a member of Architects Registration Council of Nigeria and Nigeria Institute of Architects. He is also a member of Real Estate Development Association of Nigeria. He has actually made his mark in his professional calling before venturing into politics. He also served as member of several Boards and Councils in Ondo. Such Boards/ Councils include Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba - Akoko, Ondo State University of Science and Technology, Okitipupa and University of Medical Sciences, Ondo. To Adejuyigbe, public service is a passion. He has no doubt paid his dues in service to the people of Ondo and deserving of higher and bigger public positions. A distinguished public servant who does not shy away from taking up challenges, his kind is uncommon. As he further strives in pursuit of the people’s mandate, giving him support is the minimum that is required to liberate the people. *Salako is a public affairs analyst resident in Akure the vast resources scattered all over Ekiti for the benefit of our people. As far back as 2015, I made up my mind to do all I can to help the party and the state. I have been in the fore front of covering the nakedness of the party at a time no one was there for the party in the state””. On the huge debt of Ekiti, he said the state could be financially stable. His words: “We only need to think out of the box We need leaders who have the knowledge of managing resources. That is what I am bringing into government. I am an accountant and a trained stock exchange trader. I work with Ogun State governor as a special assistant. I have been part of the team making things happen in Ogun, I have a template I developed that is already working in Ogun. We only need to replicate it here in Ekiti. Take for instance the huge debt of Ekiti, we can spread it, “We can restructure the money. As a trained stock exchange trader, there are lots of instruments that we can play with to offset our debt that will benefit the state on the long run. There is need to restructure the finances of the state for it to become attractive to investors; it’ is my field, I know what to do and I am requesting for the necessary support to get there”.