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Interview good workers.

Interview good workers. Everything cannot be measured in monetary terms; that will never create fair opportunities for everyone. This is vast topic and I have tried to simplify it for you. Student Reporter Ashara (on Sanitation issue) Toilets and dustbins in bus stand and bus stops are not properly maintained and cleaned. Because of this people coming for the first time are not willing to come the next time. What is your action in this case? Yes of course, we are cleaning it regularly, but it is also people’s work to maintain it properly. Awareness is the key. We have pay toilets and public toilets in that area. While pay toilet is not doing well, public ones are not properly used. We seek cooperation of public on these issues. As they also face problem by not supporting the municipal and sanitation staff, so it’s our duty to maintain them. Student Reporter P.Kalaivarasi (on Sanitation issue) Please allow the garbage truck to collect waste during night ? (.. asked the reason, he smiled) I understand that smell and traffic problem created by garbage truck each morning is quite a nuisance for general public, but staff doing this job also have family, and asking them to work only at night would be a big ask, in terms of their family commitments. Still I will talk to the authorities and see what can we do, which is good for you and also for them. Rapid Fire Sushmitha A What was your childhood ambition? Doing something good for society. Annapurna Ramani D When you were young, in what area did you want to bring a change ? Education S.Priya Which is your favourite subject ? Languages. I like learning them. English and Marathi are my favourities. S.Shanthi What is your favourite color? Blue K.Harini What kind of transportation did you use in your school days? I used to walk but sometimes go by bus. A.Kalaiselui What can we do to stop shopkeepers from selling expired food and medicines? This is illegal practice for shopkeepers. You can call or send written complaints to food excise department of district. So, that food inspectors can take actions. You can call their helpline number or collectorate office for this. 2. Sir are you from a town or a village? In childhood I was in a village; later shifted to town and cities. 10 Ashara What were the difficulties you crossed to become a Collector ? There were many, what to say, I faced problems due to family conditions. Those were really difficult times; at one point of time we were thinking to discontinue my education was also a point of consideration. But one thing is there I should thank my parents especially my mother who supported me in my difficulties. I learnt a lot from going through those days. Also if we face difficulties, we will achieve our goals. So never feel bad for your difficulties. Yoogasri What are the tips for the students to became an IAS officer? Just do your best in your school subjects and be aware of current affairs. At your age it’s enough. Rimsha What were the difficulties that you faced in your examinations? (laughed) Well all examinations are difficult to face. IAS being the toughest one, keeping focus in all stages was the biggest challenge to overcome. Shinny How many hours did you spent on your studies for examination? Well in different stages it varies. But I follow routine throughout the year. April 2018

Interview 2. What time is good for study ? Well, it depends on person to person. I used to do night studies and wake up my roommate who used to do morning studies before going to bed. K.B.Surya Varshini What are you thinking about Tiruvannamalai Sir ? It is good place and a nice temple of Lord Shiva. Also Girivalam makes it spiritual and full of natural beauty. K.KamalaVaasan Which is the movie that you have enjoyed a lot ? English: Titanic, Children of Heaven Hindi: Ananda, Payasaa Tamil: Pasanga 2 S. Salwa What's your favourite animated movie? - Iceage, Kungfu panda and Zootopia S. Salwa Do you like to be around colourful scattered files or around the public? (smiled) Well, both are part of package in this profile. Selecting one over other is not possible as they both have their own advantages. While Files provide lots of information about past and rules etc and Meeting with people helps in building relationships. They both are integral part of my routine work. S. Swarna Terasa Sir, at this present age you are a responsible IAS officer, a good social worker, and so on. But we also wish to know about your childhood life. So, can you kindly share any of your naughtiest childhood moment with us? (…looking thoughtful) I actively participated in school events. Once in an interschool drama event, under the comedy section, a previous school performance got the audience’s appreciation by jumping over each other. Spontaneously, I observed it and thought to include it in my act. As that was not in our play and other actor had not been informed when I jumped over him, it was a big surprise for him and he tried to push me. This created lots of laughter in the audience and big pain for me and finally we were able to win that competition also. K.Sangamithra How do you handle stress and pressure? It is part of package. They are both different and we should understand it, to handle them better. Handling stress is different than handling pressure. To handle my own stress, I like to see it from a point of view of a friend. So, if my friend is facing this situation, what would be my advice to him? And then I try to follow it on myself. When it comes to pressure, Sachin Tendulkar is my role model. He played so well under pressured conditions being youngest and getting out for a duck to breaking world records. And his retirement from cricket was dignified. It is really inspirational. Focus on your own performance and let things go with simplicity and dignity are also important to handle pressure. S. Livinasree What are your strengths and weaknesses? My strength is my will power, if I think of doing anything. I will do that by facing any number of challenges. My weakness is not being able to take out time for doing physical exercise on regular basis. P.Kalaivarasi What are your hobbies? Reading. I love to read. From spiritual books to daily newspaper. I like to know about life of people for review and guidance. I love to read and have a big library in my house. Shifting them from one place to another is now a challenge. K.KamalaVaasan Share your experience about reading Gyaneshwar ? He was great Marathi Saint, he brought Hindu teaching back to Maharashtra. Mostly all Marathi follow his teachings. I also follow and admire his teachings about simplicity, modesty and values. April 2018 11

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