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Recollections AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. Shiny Prathap Class IX ( Path Global Public School ) The report is about a great meeting on 23rd April 2017. This was the day when I met Tiruvannamalai's collector Mr. Pashanth M. Wadnere. 23rd was a day , when we ( myself and many other students) , were united together at a room. We all were light hearted. No one was despised. Everyone were cheerful and enthusiastic! There were around 10 different section of reporters. I learned many morals of life and about life. Our collector was kind enough to hear our petitions and questions. I had a few queries of my own and there were also a few students like me, of my age, who asked different questions which I didn't think of. I learned the things which I read in my social book. Collector's speech was wonderful and kind . He, without showing any refusal, answered everyone. He didn't commend himself. On that day all prepared many queries, riddles and came from various places but after reaching our first room we shared our questions with one another. Many helped us and mainly , it was Bhawana mam who separated us in groups and gave chances to all. "A body can stand straightly, if it is with a backbone. " Likewise..... my helpers are considered to be my backbone, which gave me strength to speak in front of the collector. It was first God who helped me in giving such an opportunity for learning. And then comes everyone like my parents, grandmother and teachers. "The hand of the diligent will rule." I was inspired by our collector's speech. He was awesome in thought, word and deed. Our collector appeared to be prudent in his answers. I like to learn many things . I wish to imitate him in my future. That event will persist as a favourite memory in my mind. That day gave me a super experience in learning for my studies as well as the experience of involving in unity. INTERVIEWING THE COLLECTOR Salwa Shajahan,Class X ( Maharishi Vidya Mandir ) Magazine Report The students of various schools in the district Tiruvannamalai have interviewed the collector on 23.04.2017 {sunday}, followed by interviwed the district collector, Prashant M Wadnere. He has been the collector of Tiruvannamalai for about 7-8 months. People admire his activities. The students wanted to take part in this wonderful oppurtunity. The interview started at 12:10pm and ended by 13:15pm. The collector answered all the questions with full enthusiasm. The collector was filled wih joy and happines while answering the questions . The collector admired the way how the young reporters have interviewed him. He is such a great man, who is very calm and patient too... Basically when a person speaks for a long time people fall asleep but everyone present in the hall were very happy and excited. The questions were related to current affairs and suggestions 1. Traffic - 2-3 questions 2. Education - 2 questions 3. Social Activities - 2 questions 4. Sports - 2 questions 5. Roads - 2-3 questions 6. Law and Order - 2 questions 7. Agriculture - 3 questions for the development of Tiruvannamalai. The questions were grouped as follows: And the reporters also asked Rapid Fire Questions. The collector answered them very happily and enthusiastically. He has answered most of the questions without even thinking. This makes us gain more knowledge about him. Some of them are as follows: (i) What's your favourite colour? A) Blue! (ii) What's your favourite subject? A) Language like english and marathi (iii) What's your favourite movie? 12 A) English: Titanic Hindi: Aadan Tamil: Pasanga 2 (iv) What's your favourite animated movie? A) Well... Iceage, Kungfu panda and Zootopia (v) Do you like to be around colourful scattered files or around the public? A) Oh! I love to be around those colourful files as well as the public! He also explained his answers to his questions very briefly and clearly. (i) He said that he will take actions on the damaged road. (ii) He will introduce computer subject and books in the government schools. (iii) Ensure safety for accidents. (iv) He will construct some boards to show signs for parking areas. (v) Improve parking facilities near Girivalam. (vi) Improve the sanitation facilities (vii) Spread awareness about public cleanliness. The reporters were amazed and also inspired by his words. At the end he advised the students to study well and to become a great person in future. The students are inspired by his words. Even I felt inspired on seeing such a great man. We were given only 45 mins. To interview the collector but he spent 10 more mins with the reporters. He also stood with the students for a group photos. He responded to everyone with complete patience. The team gifted him their official notbook, pen and a book. Not only that, Miss. Bhawna gifted him a Sapling plant and the collector said,”he will plant it in his house.” hearing this all the reporters were happy and amazed. We were also provided with cake and some snacks.... I'm feeling proud that I have taken part in interviewing the collector and I feel proud to be a member of organization. -S.Salwa April 2018

MEETING WITH COLLECTOR Sushmitha Ashok, Class IX ( TVS Academy ) April 23, 2017 was a day Still fresh in my mind. I met the collector of Tiruvannamalai. It was a privilege to talk to him. Students from different schools participated in this event. We all asked him our queries regarding the current scenario of our country.He instantly filled us with wise answers. There were two rounds.In the first round, I asked him about the importance of wearing helmets and how the students can contribute in implementing it. He immediately answered about its importance and how we can involve in this. He suggested us to do programs and to encourage the people through some activities like rallies with the help of the school. The second round was a rapid fire round.I asked him about his childhood ambition. He said that he always dreamed of doing something great in the future. Recollections Others asked him about his favorite things and the up's and down's he faced. He answered all the questions without any hesitation and seemed happy at the sight of students. Then we had a small photo session and went on our own ways. We gained knowledge about the collector and was sort of an inspirational event. We also identified ourselves with him. This day will always be the best moment. It will always be fresh and green in my mind. GREAT MEETING Asharaa Hussain Khan, Class IX ( Vignesh International School ) April 23, Sunday 2017, was the day I can't forget. Because that was thr day I met Thiruvanamalai district collector Mr. Prashant Wadnere. Many children came from different areas and Schools and with different queries. We got Great seats, as in the Parliament .We should thank our School teachers and even Bhawna maam, for helping us to prepare queries. We had 2 rounds 1st is asking queries Normally And next is Rapid fire. I got the topic sanitation. Each student can ask one question based on the topic and one in Rapid fire round. For the first round I asked ' Sir, I would like to tell about cleanliness In bus stops and bus stand, Because toilets in bus stand are not properly cleaned and there are no garbage Bins, So people coming for the first time are not willing to come for the next time. So what is your action to this sir?' And the answer was "sure we r taking action for this but its people's duty to maintain it, And we also have some payed toilets we should also keep that clean ". And next Rapid fire round i asked 'Sir what were the difficulties you crossed to become a collector? ' Answer was "Hmm, there are many, but i should thank some members including my mom, who helped me much. I don't think those are difficulties, Because each time we fail, we become a experienced person. So if u have difficulties also take is easy". We are inspired. Thank you Sir to spending time with us, Thank you So much... April 2018 13 REPORT ON INTERVIEW WITH COLLECTOR Rimsha Ambar, Class X ( Path Global Public School ) At the Pate Global Public School (CBSE) Malapambadi, and I would like to share the following few lines with regard to the interview with Mr. PRASAD M VADANARE I.A.S District Collector Tiruvannamalai on 22.04.2017 arranged by Miss BHAWNA Reporter of OUR VOICE TODAY. We were mad to assemble at collectors conference hall at 9.30 Am.It was astonished that each one of us was provided a chair fitted with a individual mike on the table. Collector came for the interview by 12.00 A.M and he answered our questions raised by our team without any hesitation though the time allotted to the team is 45 minutes. He spends his valuable time of 2 Hours with us. He also answers for our questions realizing his own, even though we are students from various schools. Further when I asked question about the development of the public of JAMUNAMARA- THUR,i woundered that he explained the steps taken by him for the development of people at jamunamarathur and ongoing welfare schemes in elaborate. He also explains about the reasons for traveling in the bus to jamuanamarathur to convene the mass conduct. Further he explained his childhood incident for the question raised by one of the member from our team, which is not usual by other collectors. I am also glad to share that I have met the district collector prior to the interview at my school for the competition “CONSUMERS PROTECTION” in which I won the first prize and received the prize from the hands of him. We have been provided with tea and snacks in-between the interview. I felt that day as a specious day in my life and he inspired as by way of his replies and attitude towards the development of the district.

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