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Expressions OUT OF STRESS' DAYS! Shiny Prathap, Class IX ( Path Global Public School ) The month of happiness , quietness and joy was my summer holidays. Those weren't the days of darkness. Can you guess where I have been up to?? I went to EUROPE, LONDON for a moth and half. Myself and my grandmother arrived London on 29th April 2017. My aunt lives there as a physics teacher. I saw many wonders of London.... I also had many friends who kept me from the thought of my parents and especially my sister. I travelled many places in London and the inspirational ones were- London Tower Bridge, London Bridge, London Eye, London Dungeon, Shrek's Adventure, Madame Tussauds and Sea Life. I wouldn't have gone there if God wasn't with me. I flew on Emirates .... I arrived happy by watching ICE(Information , Cameras and Entertainment) on my journey of 16 hours. The climatic conditions were almost different from that of India. The customs and treatises were unusual. I, as a niece of my aunt , enjoyed all my privileges. The good hand of God was with us. Many flights were delayed but our's wasn't. I engaged myself with delight and it was heartful. I also achieved my dream as I played my guitar in few meetings. I found my inner depths through others. I bought Anthony Horowitz' and Irene Howat's books. It takes hours to describe briefly about the days which casted out my stress!! DURING MY SUMMER VACATION..... Sivapriya Aravindhan Class IX ( TVS Academy ) I wonder why life is full of crests and troughs like that of the sound waves.I didn't expect such a terrible vacation.It wasn't good because I was not able to pop my head outside my house. My birthday this year went very boring.The time between sunrise and sunset that day was like being in hell.Piles of homework in my desk were rising day by day. I was in a state of melancholy. Gulliver's Travels,written by Jonathan Swift was quite convincing.The one which helped me to throw away my stress was my trip to Malaysia.You may think that I enjoyed thoroughly but it was little dull without my grandparents.Kuala Lampur,the capital city of Malaysia was amazing. No words to describe their cuisine.I could not prevent my tongue from tasting all the dishes served.Their dresses were attractive.Battu caves,Genting Highlands,Palace of the Sultan of Malaysia,Twin Tower and Single Tower,Buddha Temples were some of the beautiful places I visited in Malaysia. I loved this trip which made me to relax.And then I started my routine work.My friend came to my house for four days.We both revised the portions,played and watched movies.And that ends my summer vacation......LIFE IS SO SIMPLE BUT WE MAKE IT COMPLICATED. SCHOOL DAYS Vidhyashree Sabanayakam, Class IX ( TVS Academy ) We start our school life at a very young age. Before we can understand its importance, and before we see what it is really in it for us. It may begin to feel as if school is just a place where children go to learn unnecessary formulas and complicated words that will never be used in an average conversation. Or learn things that do not relate in any way to the aspirations that have driven us during our childhood. The day most dreaded; the first day of school, is one that still makes grown men and women cringe when they think back in time. You walk inside a strange building, holding the hands of your parents in a place that smells of play dough. Your parents stand and begin to leave, but you grip onto their shirts in tears as they explain to you that it will be okay. When they go through that door you are left staring out the window which fogs up with your every breath. Watching their car leave a trail on the wet road as the weather matches your damp mood. You cry, wondering if you will ever again see those people that you love. Soon, we learn to read and write. The topics are broad and varied. We excel in certain areas, but our skills are limited in others. Yes, we learn from teachers; but we learn from the other students around us who will aid you in the areas that you struggle, in exchange for help where you stand out. Our friends teach us to share and often show us ways to enjoy ourselves through games of hand-ball or scat-rat. It seems as if our lives can stay simple forever, but it is the way of life to grow up and walk opposite ways. Only at the end can we look back, see our achievements and see the purpose of this thing we call school. It is as if a thick fog lifts from our minds, and we can see why we spent most of our childhood enduring a school life. We perceive what we have learned and the opportunities that it has created for us. But when the big wide world opens up for us, and we see the true side of life, only then do we wish that we could continue our lives the same way it used to be; where we learn and enjoy the events that school life brings to us. MY MOTHER Sowmiya A Class VI ( Maharishi Vidya Mandir ) Mother is a very important person in everyone’s life. She is like an eye viewed by God She takes care of me. God is not in every place so God has sent our mother. Mother is our first god in our world. I love my mother much more. Mother is only one time in our life. Mother always teaches only good things. So we respect our mothers. 14 LAST SOULFULL WORK OF THE YEAR Maanasi, Class X ( TVS Academy ) Last soulfull work of the year I exactly remember. It was a sunlit day. On december 31, the last day of the year 2016, we did something heart warming. It was arranged by our school “eco club” to go to the near by village and clean a pond and the streets. My school is one of the schools which creates social awareness in encouraging students to get involved in such activities. We 25 students were taken to that village where the people who took forth it and volunteers Waited for us. We were given gloves and few tools to clean the road. We were instructed by one of the organizer and started to work. We were asked to pick the plastic bottles and clear the unwanted plants and shrubs. We worked hard but still we had fun. Everyone felt that we were contributing something to the world and helping in taking one step ahead to clean our india. It was great to be a part it. We were thankful to our school management who grew us sensitive to such social development activities. April 2018

a) Find me: I start with “p” and end with “e”. But I have thousands of letters. Who am I? b) I am the biggest alphabet, as I contain the most water in the world. Who am I? c) It is your possession and belongs to you. However, you use it very very rarely, what it that? d) I was born big, but as day passes, as I get older ,I become small. What am I ? e) I have no life, but I can die. What am I? f) I’m full of keys, but I cannot open any door. What am I ? g) Where do fish go on vacation? h) Where do singing birds go on vacation? Riddle Shower By TVS Academy & MVM School Editorial team i) Where do zombies go on vacation? j) Where do thanksgiving birds go on vacation? k) Where do geometry teachers go on vacation? l) Where do locksmiths go on vacation? m) What goes up, but never comes down? n) Where does Friday come before Thursday? Maths a) How many eggs can put in an empty basket ? b) I am an odd number take away an alphabet and I become even. What number am I ? c) There are two ducks in front of two other ducks. There are two ducks behind two other ducks. There are two ducks beside two other ducks ? How many ducks are there ? d) Ram says “ the day before yesterday I was 15 and the next year I will be 18. This is only true on one day of the year. What day is Ram’s birthday ? Science a) I am found in the sea and on land but I do not walk or swim. I travel by foot but I am toeless. No matter where I go I am never far from home? b) I don’t have lungs or a chest but I need air, I’m not alive but I grow don’t have mouth and I don’t like water. What am I ? c) My name is something that is used in an instrument that determines temperature . I am also the name of planet. Who am I ? d) Who eats a lot of iron without getting sick? Answers: a)Post office b) C c) Your name d) calendar e) Battery f) piano g)Finland h) The canary island I) The Dead Sea J) Turkey K) Cuba L) The Florid keys N) your age M) In Dictionary Maths- a) Only one egg because after that the basket isn’t empty b) Sever c)Four ducks in square formation. d) 31 Dec. Science- a) A snail b) Fire c) Mercury d) Rust. OUR VOICE TODAY Krishan.M Class VIII Kendriya Vidyalaya Let your voice inspire people every day, So much that they think about themselves. Let your voice be the thing that lights a fire in others, Keeps them going even if it hurts. Let your voice be the one they hear in their dream, You are a special gift and you are worthy. Never be afraid to raise your voice For honesty, truth and compassion; against injustice, lying and greed. If people all over the world… Would do this, It would change the earth. When the whole world is silent, Even one voice becomes powerful. April 2018 15

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