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Swachh Bharat Swachh

Swachh Bharat Swachh Bharat Swachh Bharat - Ramu Jayanthan class VII ( TVS Academy ) Early Morning ,Ramu was collecting garbage from every home. Every day morning, Ramu collected garbage. A man came from a house and stretched his legs and hands. “Hey sweeper, take this junk from my house.”Ramu had an inner fire on his words but he can’t ignore his command. Ramu dropped his head down with a guilty feel and took the garbage from the man’s house. After facing this situation, he lost his self confidence and walked through the street in a fainted way. Ramu couldn’t digest the pain caused by the words of the man. He also thought his work was wrong. At that night, he woke up in the midnight and switched on the TV. On the TV, prime minister was appreciating the people who work for cleanliness and he mentioned his dream of SWACHH BHARAT is initiated by the workers of every street in all the villages. When he heard it, he gain his self confidence of his work. Four months later, he got a prize for his sincerity work on SWACHH BHARAT . He felt proud and started his work with heads up. Gandhiji and swachhbharat Suvetha class X ( TVS Academy ) “Cleanliness is godliness” is a famous quote which brings the necessity of cleanliness in India. Political leaders and environmentalists such as Gandhi knew the importance of cleanliness in India but Mahatma Gandhi was the one who shared about the need for equal levels of cleanliness, in 1946. Gandhiji felt the importance of cleanliness and sanitation in 1947 itself. He has mentioned about it in the book ‘Music of spinning wheel’ Gandhiji encouraged the upcoming of cleanliness and sanitation, which is mandatory for this Indian Nation. He gave ideas, conditions for clean India, which showed concern for independent India. Mohandoss stressed, ordered the Indians to make India a clean country. He dreamt about Swachh Bharat or clean India. To fulfil his dreams, let’s follow his ideas to make India a clean country and it is mandatory to make India a green country. People should have the concern on dropping the litter in the trash bin and picking wastes and exploiting it. This new generation youths are interested in conducting organizations, clubs and associations for swatch bharat which is mandatory too. Sanitation plays a major role for the development of clean India. Sanitary facilities are needed for the people in India. It is mandatory to check monthly or half a year that there exist the sanitary facilities. And last for the development of green India, it is important to conserve trees and forests and to plant trees all over the country, which is mandatory for clean India. Then it is concluded that these can be followed for the development of clean India and green India. Who is responsible? Sanjeeth Srinivasan Class X ( Path Global Public School ) Eons ago, there were thickest friends, Sam and Sasi. One is naughty and unclean and the other is quiet and clean. Sam, whenever eats chocolate or biscuits, he throws the covers down which made the school ground and public places dirty, so every time Sasi warned him but, he never follows it. And one day, clever Sasi went to Sam’s house and he ate chocolate and puts on the floor of Sam’s house, Sam got angry and shouted at Sasi. Sasi then explains to Sam the importance of cleanliness and told him to keep the public places also clean like he keeps his house. After this incidence, Sam then knew the importance of cleanliness and he also started to put the waste in the dustbin and he also picked up other papers and chocolate covers and throws them in the dustbin. He also said that everyone is responsible for keeping the environment clean. “Make your environment clean for your future teen.” 16 April 2018

Swachh Bharat Swachh Cleanliness Jayanthan class VII ( TVS Academy ) If you keep India sterile The soil could be fertile If the world is not unsoiled The earth will boil. If you need happiness India should maintain cleanliness If wouldn’t be worthy If India is filthy If people did not wish India will not become Mother Nature Sushmitha Ashok class IX ( TVS Academy ) She is choking in the toxic fumes She is drowning in the oil spills. She is squirming in a pool of litter She whispers in my ear To escape this havoc She is telling me to flee From this huge heap of waste She is calling out to me To run from this horror I can feel a mother’s care As she grasps my hand But heart is cold now Filled with rage and vengeance She will never forgive us And no mercy for us Until we take a broom Bharat One step towards cleanliness Swachh Bharat Vidhyashree Sabanayakam Class IX ( TVS Academy ) Let good sanitation be a part of our education, Indulge not in littering and public defecation. If cleanliness is really next to Godliness, Then let cleanliness be our main business. If future generations are to a clean India witness, Then much needed now is spreading of awareness. Tourists come to India wise, wealthy and healthy; Let us not send them back sick, upset and filthy! India’s honour, pride and image - to maintain, Roll on a war footing Swachh Bharat Campaign! Clean India Vidhyashree Sabanayakam Class IX ( TVS Academy ) All- enduring cleanliness virtue next to Godliness easiet, cheapest, needfullest duty to body, health and beauty who would refuse it ? when a little water does it ? Swatch bharat R.V. Dhivya Shree Class VIII ( Path Global Public School ) I dream of a beautiful India Where the roads are neat and clean Where the proper public toilets are built. And the fields are always green. Day by day every way, Nature goes away… What to say? Cosmo turns into junk hay! Hues lost their ray… The earth is in dismay! We wipe out the green So, nature is not serene Come together to begin A society to restore the GREEN Let’s keep our atmosphere CLEAN To bring the friendly Eco-SCENE Why Are You So Mean? Yokeshwaran classVIII ( Path Global Public School ) Why are you so mean? Make your India very clean Please keep our country neat This produces more wheat The Farmers do farm To keep our country’s charm Pump your blood to work for India Jump to the top of India Don’t reduce our power By using plastic cover. April 2018 17

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