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Poems THE WARRIOR PRINCESS Her heart is as fierce as As the crashing waves Her pride will not be Taken to the grave Her fiery eyes depict the Flames of a dragon Her story is a legend Passed down for generations Her mighty sword defended Her huge empire Her life has a purpose bigger than the universe Her heart is fearless but Not heartless Her power and might was the Backbone of her dynasty Her fearlessness and bravery Made everyone to bow down Her courage helped to chase Down all the demons Her wildest dreams are the Wildest of all Her strong will power was Her salient weapon Her journey is towards Justice and freedom Her devotion towards her People kept her alive The delicate princess inside her was Hidden behind her armour Cause, she lives in every girl's heart As a warrior princess Sushmitha Ashok, Class IX, TVS Academy APJ ABDUL KALAM- Beyond All Beyond lives, beyond sky, We cherish you You inspire, you motivate, The legendary scientist Your dream for our country We ought to extend our boundary!!! Beyond words, beyond rhythms, We adore you You galvanize, you instil The people’s president Your vision and mission of life We for the best should strive!!! Beyond rocket, beyond science We relish you You lead, you sparkle The poet and writer Your expectation on youth We salute you for the faith!!! A tribute to the missile man!!! V.Ratshitha, Class VII, TVS Academy 18 April 2018

Poems THE PERSON I ADMIRE A person who gives everything for me, He sacrifices everything for me, He gave everything to me, He gave me the happiness which he didn’t get. He loves me , He praises me , He gave birth for me, I admired by that person. He shows me right path, He makes me to go in that right path, I love that person, I thank god to get that person in my life. That person, Who entered in my life, And changed my life , That person I admired in my life time is my Dad. Chandira Prabha, Class IX, Path Global Public School MY GUIDING LAMP He removes my anger Fills me with calmness He removes my anxiety Fills me with serenity He removes my arrogance Fills me with humility He removes my cynical nature Fills me to be optimism He removes my distracted mind Fills me to be more focused He removes my ego Fills me with the humbleness He removes my hatred Fills me with love He removes my jealousy Fills me to be content He removes my selfishness Fills me with selflessness He removes my ignorance Fills me with wisdom He removes my turbulence Fills me with peace He removes all my weakness Fills me with strength and courage He made me “Transcend to transform” All glory to his lotus feet Anitha Ram From Teacher's Desk April 2018 19

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