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Stories Stories A SPARROW Shiny Prathap Class IX ( Path Global Public School ) "Once upon a time , the Lion , the King of the forest , was celebrating his son's birthday. All the animals and birds of the forest were to participate in the grand function and all had to say a moral of life to his son from their own experience.The one who says good moral will be awarded. All animals and birds thought to say a myth.The next day, all came to the function.The king asked them to say a moral. Peacock started saying, with it's pride,"Oneday, rain came as soon as I danced", a deer said," One day, I was chased by a hunter but I ran quickly as much as I can". Everyone told their own opinions but the King was not satisfied. At last a sparrow came without feathers. The King asked the sparrow, "Why you have no feathers?" and the sparrow answered," As I was ready at home, I didn't know the way to come here, I asked a fox to tell me the way but it asked me five feathers and left me there itself. I asked to an owl but it asked me five feathers and left me there itself. I asked to many animals and birds but they all did the same. At last I asked to God the way and He showed me." The King considered this as a valuable moral and gave a gold ring to the sparrow....!" Moral: Believe God first and be truthful. THE BALLOON SELLER Revin. R. Subramaniam class IX ( Path Global Public School ) There was a boy called Ram he was from a rich family,in his school everybody is very rich. In that street there was a boy called Pichai he was very interested to join in this school, he was from a middle class family, but then also his father admitted him in that school. He was the only boy in his class who was poor. Ram and his friends discriminated him and tortured him. One day when the teacher was asking about Pichai's school fees Ram shouted that, “he will not pay the fees in this generation, if you ask him he will say all my father’s salary was spent in my grandmother's operation and blablabla” .Pichai felt very ashamed,the only reason Ram didn't like Pichai is because of his outer apppearance, status, etc... . One day when all were asked to bring rupees 5,000 for tour expenses Ram forgot to bring, asked his friends but nobody even gave 1,000 rupees to him even when they had extra money. Then Pichai came and gave rupees 5,000 and said, “take this money my friend I am not interested in going on this tour but if you don't go on the tour your status will be affected.” Ram was motionless; then when going home he saw a balloon seller and asked for a black balloon. The balloon seller said every balloon is the same. Then Ram said, “no the outer appearance is good in this balloon.” Then the balloon seller said, “the outer appearance of the balloon is not important, it is the helium which is inside the balloon which makes the balloon special”. From hearing these words Ram and Pichai were best friends and Ram understood "a friend in need is a friend indeed". 20 THE LAZY BOY Sameer S Class VI ( Maharishi Vidya Mandir ) Once upon a time, there lived a boy, who always want to become popular in any way. He was very lazy, even though he wants to become popular, people laughed at him. As people laughed at him, he lost his hope. He never obeyed anyone. But he had an amazing talent that he can sing very well and need him to express his talent. One day he went to a singing contest where the band was playing music. They kept on singing like, “don’t lose hope, you can do it! Never ever give up you can do it!”. He wanted to meet the guy who was singing those line . People kept on shouting “ GO JACK Go JACK!” then, he came to that his name is Jack. Luckily Jack was well- known to his father. The boy went home, his father was sitting in the chair and reading a book named “ The panda and the Bullet Motorcycle”. He went and sat on the sofa. He was impressed by Jack’s lyrics. His father exclaimed “What happened, Hakuron? Why are you sitting in such a serious way? I have never seen you like this before”. I don’t know papa, I feel something, I am puzzled right now. I have no idea what's happening Hakuron’s father was so worried. He never saw his son like that before. He then asked “Why don’t you meditate for 5-10 minutes? It will surely refresh you”. Hakuron said, “Ok I’ll try” That’s my boy. Cried his father. He started to meditate and then he went to sleep. Later his father saw a T.V show named “You are also a singing star”. He thought why Hakuron cannot participate in it. As soon as Hakuron woke up, his father told him about the reality show. Then Hakuron was amazed knowing that his father has starting to believe that his son can become a popular person. He was inspired by what his father said. He immediately went for the audition but he was not selected and kept on losing hope. However his father and mother were still supporting him. Later he kept on going for auditions and kept on losing. People said that “You cannot do it, you can better stop singing”. But he went to one show which was named as “Singing is my profession”. He went for audition and was selected and he won the 2 nd prize.People encouraged him and now, Hakuron is a professional singer. MORAL: Never lose hope and we need to believe on ourselves. Obey our parents as they are one of the keys for one of our locks. April 2018

Stories CLEAN AND GREEN Vinisha Umashankar, Class VI ( Path Global Public School ) One day a girl called Binita, aged 11 saw a man dumping garbage besides a tree. So, Binita asked the man “Why are you dumping garbage near this tree? Don’t you have a dustbin at your house?” The man replied “Hey you little girl, I do not care where I dump my garbage. I would dump my garbage anywhere I choose. So, just mind your business and go away”. Binita got upset and walked away with an angry face. The man laughed. A little later, she saw a lady spitting on the road. Binita asked her, “Can’t you bring a towel or hand-kerchief with you?” The lady said “We do not buy towel or hand-kerchief. You shouldn’t go around the village advising everyone. We know what to do.” Binita sighed and walked away. Later in the evening, Binita was watering plants in the garden. She saw a woman walking along the garden fence, carrying a bucket full of water. She stopped and asked the woman why she is carrying water. The woman simply refused to answer and kept walking. Binita wondered “What the woman is going to do with a bucket full of water”. After sometime, she followed the woman to a small pathway leading towards the river. There she is! Binita spotted the woman. She was squatting on the ground. Guess what? She made a hole on the ground and holding a rock in hand to scare away the dogs. Binita got angry and screamed at the woman: “Hey lady, why are you squatting on the open and near the river. Don’t you have any common sense? Don’t spoil the soil and the village too. We all may get several diseases. Please built a toilet in your house”. The woman yelled back at Binita: “Girl, not everyone in the village is privileged like you. I can’t afford to build a toilet in my house. Many can’t either. So, go away and do your homework or help your mother”. Binita made a Swachh Bharat plan and named it as “Clean and Green”. After coming from school and on holidays, she collected garbage from various parts of the village. Later, some of her friends also joined her. A week later, a few villagers also joined to pick up garbage. A month later, along with the villagers and friends, Binita went and met the village chief. She requested to call for a panchayat meeting of all villagers. The village chief agreed and called for a meeting on a Sunday. On a Sunday evening, the villagers gathered for the meeting. The village chief explained the agenda of the meeting and asked Binita to talk. She addressed the gathering: “Dear ladies and gentlemen, our village is our home. If you all look at your homes, it looks neat and clean, Isn’t it? But what about our village? Why are we not ashamed of throwing garbage wherever we like? Didn’t you look at the garbage that we have collected for over a month now? Come, I’ll show you.” The crowd was astonished when Binita showed a small mountain of garbage just outside the village. There were dogs, pigs, crows, birds, flies, bugs and leeches everywhere near the garbage. Then, Binita showed how the garbage was polluting the land and river. Thus, causing health problems for the babies, children and elderly in the village. The villagers apologised to Binita for their lack of awareness and ignorance. They said to Binita: “We are very sorry. Please forgive us all. Tell us what to do to make the village clean”. Binita talked about Swachh Bharat: It is a mission launched by our prime minister Narendra Modi. It is to promote cleanliness for improving public health in India. She explained about the importance of keeping the village clean and disposing the garbage safely. She also explained about various government schemes such as building toilet in every home, safe drinking water, garbage removal, waste recycling, making compost and so on. “Here, we should plant trees, educate one another about cleanliness, build toilets in everyone’s house, clean our village and put rules for keeping it clean.” The villagers rejoiced and paraded the young Binita around the village. Binita’s parents were very proud of her. Months passed on. With everyone’s effort and cooperation, the village has slowly turned into a cleaner and greener village. It was designated as a model Swachh Bharat village by the President of India. Binita was recognised and awarded by the government. A few years later, Binita finished her college education and become a young social activist. Keep India Clean and Green. ABOUT MY AMBITION Srinithi Bharathi V.S. | Class V ( Municipal Girls Higher Sec. School ) Some are born great; Some are great; But some make themselves great. Our former president (Late) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said "Dream for your future because your dream will come true one day." He also added "Never say NO" because N - Stands for Next O - Stands for opportunity. Nothing is impossible in our life. A man without ambition is worthless like how a body without head is meaningless. So, my dream is to become a doctor. "Every man is the architect of his own fortune." - Keluzy "The important thing in life is to have great aim." - Gothe Summary "They conquer who believe they can.” – Dryden There are many professions in this world. Each profession plays a vital role in our life. But many like to be a doctor because the doctor profession is equal to God’s profession. Many miracles take place in this profession. An ordinary human being considered to be the living God in the eyes of the patient who takes treatment under them. A doctor gives his/her full support mentally and physically; when the patient undergoes any deadly disease the doctor throughout of his/her lifetime follows patience, tolerance, dedicationhardwork in his duty. This kind of services will surely enlighten our life and bring prosperity and peace to our mind. So, I like this role very much, when I grow up after becoming a doctor surely I will surely do my service to the poor and needy people. In this way only, I will get full satisfaction in my life as I promised to my daddy, though he is not with us. I hope his blessings will surely make my dream come true one day. Conclusion God has given us a wonderful life; human life is a superior life in this world. We are born in this world to do and some duties designed by him. So in this life we have to help the poor and needy and be one with God. Thus I choose to become a doctor. Soon I will become a doctor. “The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart” – R.G. Ingersoll. “Strike, strive until you yield success.” – Swami Vivekananda April 2018 21

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