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Youth Pulse


Poems HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR FRIEND. Rose is a flower,that says for a hour. But your friendship had the power. That will stays for ever........Happy birthday my dear friend. My friend is nice. We like to play. We play together every day. We laugh and cry And laugh again Because,you see,we're Friends Friends Friends!!!!!!!! Friends care,friends share,we need friend every where. Vijaya Lakshmi, Class IX, Maharishi Vidya Mandir, ON MY WAY On my way to school, I saw a pool, Full out grown by thorns, Which seemed to be like horns, Of rhinoceros, And hippoceros! When my car went by the pool's side, I glimpsed beside, The thorny locusts were grown tall , Such that it touches troposphere's wall! Our earth has many plants, Even those plants have infants! We need to deforest useless herbs, And afforest useful plants! It's our duty to prevent it, Preserve it, And protect it! [Pools - here , farmlands] Shiny Prathap, Class IX, Path Global Public School IF If god is with you, Nothing can shake you! If god is with you, Nothing can break you! If god is with you, Nothing happens to you! If god is with you, Blessings rest on you! If god is with you, The owner of the world is you! God is pure, From his mouth comes cure!! Shiny Prathap, Class IX, Path Global Public School 22 April 2018

Poems MY MOTHER My mother is so beautiful and wonderful; She was a gift given by god; My mother sacrifices her life for me; I love her; A day with my mom is the golden day for me. If I cry for her as she cries for me. Muraasoli A, Class VII, Maharishi Vidya Mandir A DANGER A dangerous incident , That was an accident! God was truly there, Where we were! The accident was in my car's side, And i gazed beside, After the movement, Of the troublesome moment ! Our car was damaged, But we were managed, By the grace of god , And by the mercy of God! I thank God for saving us, Protecting and securing us, From the plan of devil, Which was truly evil!! Shiny Prathap, Class IX,Path Global Public School April 2018 23

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