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CONTENT CONTENT Interview of District 6-11 Collector : Mr.Prashant M. Wadnere, Tiruvannamalai Expressions Riddle Shower 14 15 View Points on Clean India, Green India 16-17 Happy Birthday My Dear Friend Vijaya Lakshmi IX ( Maharishi Vidya Mandir ) On My Way 22 Shiny Prathap IX ( Path Global Public School ) If Shiny Prathap IX ( Path Global Public School ) My Mother Muraasoli A VII ( Maharishi Vidya Mandir ) 23 A danger Shiny Prathap IX ( Path Global Public School ) The Person Whom I admire Shiny Prathap IX ( Path Global Public School ) 30 Fight or Forgive or Forget Shiny Prathap IX ( Path Global Public School ) Gandhiji and Swachh Bharat Suvetha X ( TVS Academy ) Why Are You So Mean? Yokeshwaran VII ( Path Global Public School ) Who Is Responsible? Sanjeeth Srinivasan X ( Path Global Public School ) Swatch Bharat Vidhyashree Sabanayakam IX ( TVS Academy ) Swachh Bharat Ramu Jayanthan VII ( TVS Academy ) Clean India Vidhyashree Sabanayakam IX ( TVS Academy ) Cleanliness Jayanthan VII ( TVS Academy ) Mother Nature Sushmitha Ashok IX ( TVS Academy ) Swatch Bharat R.V. Dhivya Shree VII ( Path Global Public School ) Poems The Warri0r Princess Sushmitha Ashok IX ( TVS Academy ) 18 APJ Abdul Kalam Beyond All V.Ratshitha VII ( TVS Academy ) The Person I Admire Chandira Prabha IX ( Path Global Public School ) 19 My Guiding Lamp Anitha Ram ( Teacher’s Desk ) "விளம்பரம்" Rimsha Ambar X ( Path Global Public School ) 31 Snow Vidhyashree Sabanayakam IX ( TVS Academy ) Stories A Sparrow Shiny Prathap IX ( Path Global Public School ) The Balloon Seller Revin. R. Subramaniam IX 20 ( Path Global Public School ) The Lazy Boy Sameer S VI ( Maharishi Vidya Mandir ) Clean And Green Vinisha Umashankar VI ( Path Global Public School ) 21 About My Ambition Srinithi Bharathi V.S. V ( Municipal Girls Higher Sec.) The Lion Warrior Ananda Suganthi VIII ( Maharishi Vidya Mandir) 32 A Man Without Fear Ananda Suganthi VIII ( Maharishi Vidya Mandir) Career Awarness 24-28 How to become IAS officer New Ideas 29 Recollections 12 Life Skills 32 Drawings 34

MAKE A DIFFERENCE Dear Readers, “You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” said former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. EDITORIAL The magazine is an endeavour to showcase the creative talent of students across schools in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. I must admit that the journey which started in February 2017, is the outcome of shared dreams of many in town. We achieved many creative milestones. It was not easy to accomplish this without the support of well-wishers. With the passage of time, the medium of expression is also changing. In this digital and internet age, students shared their wonderful ideas from writing to documentaries (videos). This wide spectrum of expression of their ideas has the spirt of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership. I am privileged to witness the team building skill of the next generation. Across schools to within schools many students showed unparalleled social skills. From interviewing as reporters to being members of the editorial teams, this showed their excellence and future potential. Eleven different schools’ students across the district showed team work, understanding and responsibilities are in their core. These are valuable soft skills which will remain with them. Selecting the magazine title was one of the experiences where we learned a lot as an editorial team. I am also privileged and pleased to meet many inspiring teachers and Educationists. They were excited by the forward looking and innovative idea of this project.Also they were keen to provide all the infrastructural support to enhance their pupil’s creativity. One can see the results in the video and poetry sections of our website. I would really like to take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts in offering opportunities to their students. These entries available on our website serve as an everlasting reminder for our budding innovators and a showcase for their talent. So, here is our annual consolidated version of the most viewed and liked entries for this year. Quoting Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam again to share this dream with you: “My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and success. These are qualities that they must work towards. This is my message to the young people.” I hope you will enjoy this journey with us. Editor ( DISCLAIMER At OurVoice and Youth Pulse, we work towards providing a secure platform for Students for showcasing their creative ideas. The views expressed are strictly of the author and Oneness technologies doesn't necessarily subscribe to the same. Oneness technologies is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused to anyone due to any interpretation, error, omission in the articles being hosted on the sites. Furthermore Youth pulse has strict anti-plagiarism policy, and is not responsible for inadvertent copying. We honour copyright laws.

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