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Life Skills Here we

Life Skills Here we would like to discuss social issues which we could encounter in our daily lives. What would you do if you witness an accident or crime. Firstly as a child, please be safe. Emotions can run high after an accident so be a silent witness and if appropriate take photo of any criminal or at least their license plate number. However do this without being noticed. Remember professional help will arrive soon, so unless you know first aid don't pretend that you do. Phone for police and ambulance if nobody else has done this and try to remember all the key events, in case you are asked. Don't get in the way of the professional helpers as they need to act fast and may need room to move. Don't take advantage of others misfortune, comfort the hurt persons by soft words, and ask them if they need to make a phone call to their family, and look after their bags carefully. Share your views with us on ourvoice. today Life Skill Question Dhamotharan V.N., IX Maharishi Vidya Mandir A person working in his office has a sudden call from his boss to visit a factory. On the way, Do you know about 1098 ? Find out more about it and share with friends online at ourvoice. today? A MAN WITHOUT FEAR Ananda Suganthi, VIII Maharishi Vidya Mandir Once upon a time there was a village named kamalpur and it had been attacked by a group of pirates. Without the knowledge of the villagers the pirates had killed a villager and the next morning the pirates came by inthe costume of normal members of the other village and they lied to the kamalpur people that their village had been attacked by ghosts,which had killed a villager, and they showed the dead body of the villager that they have killed. After seeing the body, the villagers became frightened that the ghost may come to their village and asked the pirates how to be safe, and not killed by the ghosts. The pirates said that we will help your village not to be destroyed by the ghosts and they said that everyone should go and bring your gold silver and fill the ship out there. The villagers said we have not much gold to fill the ship so can you say any other way. The pirates pretended to be speaking to ghosts and said, ”ok you should fill a portion of the ship with your gold and silver.” There was one boy of the village named sunny, he was 17 years old and was very lazy and hated by the villagers because he had a doubt that they are not real helpers. They cheat our village and the villagers do not believe him because they are scared and started to fill the ship with the gold and silver. However the boy had got angry and one night he had went to see if they are real or they cheat us. He saw a group of 5 pirates and they are laughing and had a conversation that how they were fooled the villagers of kamalpur. So he went back to his home and planned to fool the pirates and the next day he told all the truth which he was seen last night and he brought the villagers to the place of pirates without the knowledge of the pirates. The next day morning they stop filling the ship with gold and silver, they killed the pirates and gave the title to sunny that he is a fearless man. THE LION WARRIOR Ananda Suganthi, VIII Maharishi Vidya Mandir Once upon a time a there was a kingdom known as the lion kingdom. It was very prosperous and there was brotherhood between all citizens of the country and the king was very loyal kind and helpful to others but had no son. The enemy king was planning to destroy the lion kingdom without the knowledge of the king. At that time the prince was born in the lion kingdom they named as karats when all the citizens were happy because of the birth of a prince in their kingdom. Suddenly a big rocket came and attacked the palace of the king all were stunned and scared for sudden attack and the king was hurried to general and told him that please save the prince .They planned to save the prince first, and all the citizens gave importance to save the prince and all were engaged to save prince .They saved prince but the enemy king destroyed the kingdom and then there was no escape to anyone. They thought how to save the prince even when they are captured by enemy king .They have lost their hope to save the prince so they left the prince in the temple of zeus. However one slave of the enemy king saved the child without the knowledge that he is the prince of lion kingdom and took with him on the ship that sailed to the enemy kingdom . Unfortunately the ship crashed and sank into the ocean though all were saved and reached the evil kingdom. However the prince of the lion dynasty floated to an island and was saved by a group of nomads and he he grew up to become a fierce warrior and they had made him their king. They won battles and transformed them into an empire. The prince was so kind and loyal, but had one thing on his mind, that is: who is his father and mother.He had grown up without father and mother, he left his kingdom behind and started a journey in search of his family and found out the truth of his past and suffered he cried and he got very angry.Then he went in search of the evil king. He finally killed the enemy king and at last he got honour to his father’s soul and revenged the destruction of his kingdom. 32 April 2018

Special Mention We are giving Special Mention to the amazing presenations and multimedia submissions. These can be viewed on under Presentation and Music & Video section. Enjoy and keep up learning and sharing! Topic Type Name School Name Class Why Ourvoice. Today? Animation Salwa Shajahan Maharishi Vidya Mandir The Solution Movie Editorial Team TVS Academy X My India Song Editorial Team Vignesh Internation School IX King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Tips For Uploading Painting On Ourvoice.Today Tips For Uploading Video On Ourvoice. Today Monuments Of India How Saving Water Helps Our Life? Animation Salwa Shajahan Maharishi Vidya Mandir Animation Salwa Shajahan & S.Sameer Maharishi Vidya Mandir X, VI Animation Salwa Shajahan & S.Sameer Maharishi Vidya Mandir X, VI Animation Salwa Shajahan Maharishi Vidya Mandir X Presentation Chandira Prabha The Path Global Public School IX God Presentation Shiny Prathap The Path Global Public School IX Space Presentation Sai Mukesh TVS Academy VII Nature Presentation Shri Nithy Maharishi Vidya Mandir IX 7 Facts About Dogs....

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