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S.Yuvasri IX ( TVS

S.Yuvasri IX ( TVS Academy ) Asharaa Hussain Khan IX ( Vignesh International School ) AsharaaHussain Khan IX ( Vignesh International School ) Daiscy Jemimmal VIII ( T. Municipal Girls Higher Secondary School ) Priyanka Saula R_ IX ( Municipal Girls Higher Sec. School ) EPowon Kumar VII ( Sri Ramana Maharshi Mat Hr. Sec. School ) Editorial Team ( Vignesh International School ) DanielD VII ( Danish mission School ) 38 Thirupathi M IX ( TNAPGHSS ) April 2018

Sharumathi IX ( Path Global Public School ) S.Tharun VII ( TVS Academy ) No.ofHouseHolds with Toilet in 860 Village Panchayats (an incentive of Rs.12000/- per each toilet) Jayanthan VII ( TVS Academy ) Achievements on Swachh Bharat in Thiruvannamalai (urban and rural) 45,7062 No. of Integrated Women Sanitary Complex (Each Village Panchayat) 860 No. of Integrated Men Sanitary Complex (2 Per Block) 36 No. of Primary Schools having Toilet 1434 No. of Middle Schools having Toilet 395 No. of High Schools having Toilet 199 No. of Higher Secondary Schools having Toilet 131 No. of Anganwadies having Toilet 1606 To implement the Swachh Bharat Scheme the following infra structures are provided in this District to 860 Village Panchayats. Tricycle / Push Cart supplied based on the population. 1934 Street Garbage Collection Bin supplied to collect solid waste*. 4593 Uniforms supplied to ThooimaiKavalars. 3185 Constructed one segregation cum storage shed in each panchyath to segregate biodegradable1 and non biodegradable2. 1. Biodegradable - Waste that is completely decomposed by biological process either in presence or in absence of air are called biodegradable. 2. Non Biodegradable - Waste which can’t be decomposed by biological processes is called non-biodegradable waste. *Source of Solid Waste • Solid Waste Generated at Households level. • Solid Waste Generated at Community Level. • Solid Waste Generated by Commercial Establishments eg schools, college etc. 860 S.Ragavana X ( TVS Academy ) Priyanka Saula R VIII ( MunicipalGirls Higher Secondary ) T.Vidhya IX ( TVS Academy ) B.Aadhithiya X ( TVS Academy ) April 2018 39

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