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Interview Student Reporter Shinny (on Transportation issue) Operating moffusil buses through the crowded Car street and Thiruvoodal Street causes traffic snarl and accidents daily? We are encouraging people to use public transport. We ran eleven small buses on this route. We are talking with private buses owners also to help in it. 2. Hawkers of many big shops are causing traffic jam by building their shops in their land fully and not leaving space for parking customer's vehicles ? We believe in providing options rather than in penalizing. We are looking for space to build parking spots but that will take it’s own time as we need to consider place, construction cost and maintenance work. As you righty said people also need to take ownership of their actions. By making a parking lot, not allowing them to occupy public area outside shop, things will improve for them and others. Student Reporter K.KamalaVaasan (on Transportation issue) Sir, I have seen many auto which are overloaded and overcharging at the time of Girivalam. What would be your advice about it ? (…concerned ) Overloading is not good as it can cause accidents and put many lives in danger. Public attitude is also responsible for it with low pricing and less waiting time. They are not objecting to auto drivers doing it. We have even placed rate cards in public buses to make the general public aware about rates. Public should change their attitude and be responsible for their actions as this endangers their and others lives. 2. Children are riding bikes without licence and police officers are not catching them. What would be your advice, Sir ? My advice is they should never do this. Before it gets to police officers, parents should be held responsible for this illegal action. Parents should not encourage this, as this action could be life threatening to their child and other innocent persons. We place lots of traffic awareness posters and we will seriously look into it. Will discuss this with traffic police also. Student Reporter K.B.Surya Varshini (on Roads issue) There is no proper road outside and inside the town; as an example Kanathampoondi road is full of mud we are unable to go to school. What steps you are going to take. This may also cause accidents Sir? There are three roads authorized in Tiruvannamalai, bypass area are under national road authority, rural roads and municipality is also taking care of a few roads. As this is where schools are, we will take care of it. Student Reporter Yoogasri (on Road issue) Sir, the lights which all are in the streets are not switched on, so many accidents take place, what can we do sir ? (.. he enquires about details) We will take care of it especially in Ponnusamy Nagar. Street 8 lights are under government and municipal areas. So, we need to see where this is happening and take corrective measures to avoid this. Student Reporter S. Salwa (on Social Activities issue) Sir, we have heard that you work all 7 days in a week. And even in this busy schedule, I have read in a newspaper that you are working in MGN- REG for 2 hours every Saturday? Reviewing the water bodies: So, how do you feel about this sir? I believe in Shram Daan(voluntry work through physical effort) our father of nation also supported it. Volunteer work and Shramdaan (voluntry work through physical effort) bring satisfaction. My schedule seems busy , my fortnightly programs are there on the website a month in advance. Still I like to take out time for important and urgent things. I give quality time to review and guide projects. Student Reporter S. Swarna Terasa (on Social Activities issue) Sir, I came to know that you are an expert in your service training and some of your initiatives have changed the whole district. We are very proud of that. Sir, as students of this district how can we help you. Sir, suggest us some ways. Social awareness is part of individuals’ personalities. I appreciate students with a service mentality. Schools should run volunteer programs for students to create social awareness. Schools can adopt a nearby village to share concepts and knowledge to April 2018

Interview Special thanks to reporters (schools name & students name) from Kendriya Vidyalaya - K.B.Surya Varshini, K.KamalaVaasan, TVS - Sushmitha A, Annapurna Ramani, Danish Mission - S.Priya, S.Shanthi, Ramana Maharishi - K.Marini, A.Kalaiselvi, Vignesh International - Ashara, Yoogasri, Path - Rimsha, Shinny, Maharishi Vidya Mandir - S.Salwa, S.Swarna Terasa, Municipal Girls Schools - K.Sangamithra, S.Livinasree, Shanmuga School - P.Kalaiarasi. village children once a week. Schools can conduct public awareness programs. Children can use their creativity for creating awareness around issues. e.g. using state machinery to stop a child’s marriage is far less effective than if the child, society and school supports them to stop that illegal marriage. Plant trees in an authorized area with school authorities’ support. Giving roses to those who are breaking traffic rules could be examples of volunteer work where indirectly children are asking them to follow rules. Students can also join and work in NCC and NSS etc. So, you all should try your best to improve our district in the education sector. Also, by making effort and educating others. Remember to complete your own student duties first and then take school’s permission for volunteer work. There are many such ideas and schools should support them. Student Reporter K. Sangamithra (on sports issue) In higher classes there is no opportunity for sports? Can we have sports in higher classes to? Surely, if students are following routine and no examination are round the corner then students should participate in games. We have some sports events. I will talk to the relevant authorities and ask them to encourage sports in higher classes and allow your participation in sports events. (… Please Sir!!… a chorus in room by students) Student Reporter S. Livinasree (on Girl rights issue) We are in free country but still girls have no equal rights, how to improve this situation? It’s a mindset problem. Until and unless we have not changed our mindset and respect each other’s work, we can’t talk about equality, free status and opportunities. How many girls would like to marry a house husband? There was a recent Hindi movie, Ki and Ka, highlighting the same issues. Why do you consider cooking is lower work than working in an office. Cooking is as important and critical work as working in an office. This inequality is in our mind and attitude. Dignity of labor, understanding that all types of work are important. The key is we should respect all April 2018 9

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