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directions 1. First

directions 1. First grind the carrots and the celerie stalks with the food processor. If you don’t have one, you can use the a bigger hole of a cheese grater to grind them. 2. Cut the onions fine and start roasting them on olive oil, braise them until they become golden, than add the grinded vegetables, steam them until they get colour as well. Add 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika to the mix, stirr and add the lentilles. Measure 2 times more water than the lentilles, pour it over, add salt, pepper. 2 bay leaves and bring it to boil. On half way you can add the tomato passata and the red wine. Simmer, simmer, simmer for about 20 more minutes until the alcohol evaporates from the sauce The whole process takes around 40 minutes on slow fire. ( If it is becoming too thick and want to burn, just add a cup of water to it) 3. At the end add the sugar or agave and season it with dried oregano for your taste. 4. Serve it with whole grain spagetti, black olives and fresh roughly chopped basil leaves! Lentilles bolognese ingredients 2 onions 2 cloves of garlic smashed 4 carrots 2 celerie stalks 500 gr of lentilles 1 l of tomato passata 300 ml dry red wine 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika 2 bay leaves 1 big spoon of agave or raw can sugar – to take the acidity out - optional Salt, pepper, basil, oregano,bay leaves Olive oil whole grain spagetti fresh basil and black olives to serve

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